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Welcome to Interviews and More. Here you can read interviews from haunt industry workers or stories of haunts past and present. You will get an in-depth look at how haunts are run and some of the experiences the City Blood staff has had while visiting them.

Brimstone Club Album Review – We interview the latest album from the band Midnight Syndicate, enjoy!

Ohio Fear Farm Interview – This interview covers one of the newest haunts to hit Ohio. It’s called Ohio Fear Farm and it’s shaping up to be a spooky good time.

The Nightmare at Stagecoach Hollow Interview – We interview Jeremy of The Nightmare at Stagecoach Hollow in East Liverpool, Ohio. This spooktacular haunted trail is sure to put a chill down your spine and raise the dead.

How Coronavirus Changed Haunting

We examine how the epidemic known as Coronavirus has impacted the haunt industry and what the haunt season could be like if it doesn’t get better.

SCARE: A Look Behind the Shadows Movie Review – SCARE is a behind the scenes look at Kelly Collins history in haunting with it’s main focus being the ScareAtorium in Columbus, OH.

Midnight Syndicate Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack Review – We review the latest album from Midnight Syndicate. If you love flesh eaters and want to experience a zombie apocalypse then you’re in for a treat.

Midnight Syndicate Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering Review  Read City Blood’s first ever review of a Christmas album. This unique album has a haunted twist you’re sure to enjoy.

Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror Interview – We Interview Matt Holbrook of Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror in Springfield, Ohio. It’s a spooky haunt to say the least.

The Dungeon Haunted Attraction: A Spooky Partnership  The same people who brought you Dungeons of Delhi bring you The Dungeon Haunted Attraction. Read about this creepy new adventure.

Midnight Syndicate: Monsters of Legend Review – Monsters of Legend is available now and this review covers everything that’s great about this monstrous album.

Masters of Macabre: An Interview With Midnight Syndicate – Ciy Blood interviews Edward Douglas of the world famous Midnight Syndicate. Their gothic style of music can be heard in movies, tv shows and haunted attractions. They’re truely the masters of macabre.

Nightmare Forest: Brandenburg’s Forest of Fear – Nightmare Forest in Brandenburg, KY is one of the best known haunted forests in Greater Louisville. We speak with owner and operator Jason Weber who tells us all about this very popular and frightful destination.

Dead End Hotel: Shepherdsville’s Newest Horror – The newest haunt that’s coming to the Greater Louisville area is Dead End Hotel. The creators of Nightmare Forest have something horrorfying up their sleeves, but are you ready for the terror that will soon be unleashed?

Deep Within Culbertson Mansion – City Blood had the pleasure of interviewing Holly Crisler, organizer of Haunted Culberson Mansion, or what you might call “Literally, A Haunted House”. She puts her blood, sweat and tears into this annual haunted attraction that’s been around since 1985.

The Man Behind Warren Vanderdark  Today we interview Lucian Tomes Jr., the man behind Warren Vanderdark. He takes us on a journey through his years at Baxter Avenue Morgue in Louisville, KY and gives us an insight on his thoughts on horror and haunting.

 House of Pain: Dying Never Looked This Artistic – House of Pain is one of the most extreme haunted Houses in Ohio. In this interview you’ll learn about what makes House of Pain in Washington Courthouse, OH so different.

The 7th Street Haunt: Lou-Evil’s Newest Haunted Attraction – Learn about Louisville’s newest haunted attraction that is shaping up to be a haunt you can’t miss out on.

Descent Into Dreadland – The creators of the infamous Buford Haunted School bring you Dreadland Haunted Woods which promises to be a haunted trail like no other. We interview the owner to learn more about this promising haunt in Sardinia, Ohio.

Demonic Derek: Inside a Psychopath’s Mind – Derek France is one of the longest working actors at Dungeons of Delhi in Cincinnati, Ohio. Learn more about this demonic character in this detailed in-depth interview.

Cincinnati Haunt Icon: Damien Reaper  Damien Reaper is one of the most famous and influential actors in the haunt industry today. Let’s learn about the history and future of this haunt icon.

The Ambush: When Haunts Attack –  Sometimes the scariest part of reviewing haunts isn’t the haunt itself. It’s the people who work for them. This is a funny story about one of those people.

Wolf Creek Haunted Forest: Interview With Kevin Stitch – We interview Kevin Stitch of Wolf Creek Haunted Forest. Wolf Creek is in its second year of operation and has quickly gained a following. Learn about the history and future of this Kentucky haunt.

The Land of Illusion: The Haunted World of LOI  Land of Illusion is one of the most popular haunts Ohio has ever seen. In this interview you will learn about its owner and what’s involved in organizing an event like this

Forest of Fright: A Philo Haunt Tradition  Forest of Fright is a well known haunted trail in Philo, Ohio. We interview Vicki Bader, one of the owners of this Philo haunt tradtion.

The Haunted Farm: True Terror in Pleasantville  City Blood interviews Kim Hicks, owner of The Haunted Farm in Pleasantville, Ohio. This haunt favorite has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has truly become an event people in Pleasantville and across Ohio look foward to every fall season.

Danger Run: The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have in Your Car  Danger Run is one of the most unique haunted events in the state of Kentucky. Learn about its past, details and future of this one of a kind frightening experience.

The Pickled Brothers Travis Fessler – Travis Fessler of The Pickled Brothers Sideshow is one of the best known sideshow performers in the country. He’s been featured on numerous TV programs and him and his crew have beaten several world records.

Lexington’s Screampark  This Haunt season Kentucky’s largest haunted attraction is coming to Lexington. It’s known as Screampark and its creators are ready to scare the day lights out of the Blue Grass State.

Enter Hells Gate – Hells Gate is one of those home haunts that is just destined to become a professional haunted attraction that Toledo, OH will never forget. Read this entertaining interview to learn all about this frightening new haunt.

Baxter Avenue Morgue: Folks are Dying to Get In  The Baxter Avenue Morgue is one of the most unique and scary haunts in the nation. Its cult following has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has earned a reputation as one of the most realistically creepy haunts around. Today we speak with Jamie Stephenson, the creative director of Baxter Avenue Morgue.

Sandyland Acres Interview: A Haunted Hayride of Terror  We talk with Gene Webb co-owner of Sandyland Acres in Petersburg Kentucky. We learn the history and future of this unique haunt that brings poopular horror movies alive right in front of you.

Fright Manor: A Frightening Past – Fright Manor is one of the best known haunts in the state of Indiana and has been scaring people for over 20 years. If you’ve never known about the history of this frightful haunt, you will now.

The House of Nightmares: The Downfall and Rebirth of a Classic  The House of Nightmares was truly a classic haunt in every sense of the word, but tragedy would strike in December of 2005. A long time actress tells her story of how she got involved with this great haunt and how things drastically changed.

Ghostly Manor: Welcome to the Haunted Manor – Bill and Jayme Criscione are husband and wife with a love of life and scares. This is how they got involved in the haunt industry and have never looked back. This is the story of Ghostly Manor.

Interview With Ed Short of The Chambers of Horror – We talk with Ed Short of The Chambers of Horror in Middletown, OH.

The Haunted Hotel: The Story of a Masterpiece – Learn about the history of a haunt classic known as The Haunted Hotel.

The Gore Behind Gore Galore – Gore Galore is best known for its oversized costumes that can be seen in haunts across the nation. We go behind the scenes to learn more about this Indiana prop company. This is The Gore Behind Gore Galore.

Virgil Franklin: Haunt Composer Extraordinare  Virgil Franklin, from the great state of Indiana, is best known for his incredibly haunting music that can be heard in many haunts across the country. Let’s learn more about this incredible composer.

Interview With Granny – We talk with the colorful character known as Granny. She can be seen roaming around at various haunts around the US.

The Story of Tommy – Rex B. Hamilton tells the story of a unique individual he came across while acting in an Oklahoma haunt.

Terror Behind Terror Park  Learn about the history and future of this popular Ohio Haunt that is held in an actual ballpark.

A Hayride Is Born: Sandyland Acres – In 2006 Sandyland Acres was born. Since then they’ve become one of the best haunted hayrides around with some of the nicest workers you’ll find. This article covers their journey from their humble beginnings.

A Haunted Hoochie History – What did one of Hoochie’s actors experience and what is his take on the history of Ohio’s most extreme haunt?

Massacre Meadows Story  Sometimes nights don’t go as planned when reviewing haunts. This is one of them.

Haunted Hospital: Fact or Fiction – Every year stories of the legenday haunted hospital are heard across the country. But does this mysterious haunt really exist?

Graveyard Ghost Hunting – What could be more fun than exploring a spooky old graveyard at night? Learn some tips on tracking down ghosts with this helpful article.

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