The Brimstone Club Review

By Noah Wullkotte:

The Brimstone Club is Midnight Syndicate’s 15th studio album. It’s a haunting and ambitious journey into fear. Dive deep into a shadowy theatre club where the strangeness of its exotic entertainment and libations are matched only by its peculiar clientele. Many of the tracks are under 3 minutes, but they really allow your imagination to run wild.

Vodou features tribal beats and sound effects that will make you feel like you’re entering a jungle full angry natives that are ready to pounce. Amber & Oak is a low key and somber track with mysterious undertones. The Incomparable Mr. Jingles will have you listening in horror as a wind up toy/man goes awry. Listen as the audience gasps.

The track titled Ritual will have your heart racing as you hear the sounds of a blade hitting flesh, claps, foot stomps, jungle drums and a choir of evil beings sacrificing their latest victim. The track titled Green Room features incredible performances behind the piano where the beat is slow, but quickly gains speed as the listener starts to panic while they look to see what’s around the corner. Ghost Light is utterly terrifying with the sounds of laughing, whispers in the night, electrical shocks, a distorted record player and much more. This is an album that does an outstanding job creating a spooky ambiance that will have you questioning your sanity.

“The Brimstone Club offers a variety of tracks that are sure to terrify!”

The Brimstone Club is a 16 track album that’s incredible in telling a horrifying story that slowly unravels from the first track to the last. The track Fortune’s Folly will have you dancing the night away. So put on some headphones, sit back and relax as Midnight Syndicate does what it does best. Be sure to listen from beginning to end to really understand the story that Midnight Syndicate is trying to convey. The Brimstone Club will give you goosebumps and leave you wanting more. This is one of the more unique albums Midnight Syndicate has released and it’s a great way to enjoy the Halloween season. There are also quite a few tracks that would be great for any haunted attraction to use.

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