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Hello, my name is Noah and I welcome you to City Blood. We’re the number one destination for Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Haunts. If you love Haunts and Halloween like I do then you’ve come to the right place. City Blood has been around since 2003 and over the years we’ve toured just about any type of haunt you can image. We’ve been to spooky haunted trails, bone chilling haunted houses, frightful hayrides, hair-raising scream parks, home haunts and much more.

It’s quite plain and simple. I love haunts and enjoy writing about them. My love for everything spooky dates back to 1989. This is the year that I caught the HAUNT BUG. You could say that I wasn’t a healthy child and at the tender age of 5, I had open heart surgery. I was in the hospital for quite some time and unfortunately missed out on Halloween. When I was released I soon discovered that the entire neighborhood was planning to celebrate Halloween just for me in the middle of November. I can’t honestly remember what I dressed as, but the candy that night tasted so good. I was shocked by how thoughtful the neighbors were and this is where my love for Halloween and Haunts started.

The first haunt I toured was called The Haunted Street. It was essentially a yard decorated with cheap props and a garage with actors dressed as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and other characters. Most would consider it a yard haunt. St. Rita’s Haunted House in Glendale, Ohio was my first pro haunt experience. St. Rita’s was more or less a family friendly charity haunted house, but it had a few scary scenes. Unfortunately, this classic haunt closed in 2015 before being able to celebrate its 40thanniversary.

On March 23rd 2019, Noah Wullkotte of City Blood became the first Haunt Reviewer to ever win an award at the Haunted Attraction Association’s prestigious Oscares Awards Ceremony.

I created City Blood to help fright seekers find the best haunts in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. At the end of the day, customers want a good value and want to be entertained. If they feel ripped off then they’ll never return. City Blood is much more than just Haunt Reviews. You’ll also find news, a haunt directory, interviews, articles, pictures, the history of haunts and more.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy City Blood. We’ve been featured in Hauntworld Magazine, Fright Times Magazine, Haunted Attraction Magazine, Middletown Journal, Cincinnati Magazine,  and more.

There’s really nothing better than Halloween and Haunts. We hope you have a great time exploring the twisted world of City Blood. You can contact us anytime at citybloodbat@ohioshaunted.com or jollypumpkin@aol.com.

Spooky Wishes,