Types of Ghosts

The world is full of things that are beyond our comprehension. This includes ghosts. Here are different types of ghosts that you might come in contact with throughout your lifetime.

Residual Haunting

A Residual Haunting is like a tape playing back over and over. It has no intelligence and it’s quite random. They’re unable to interact. Usually something traumatic has happened which causes the Residual Haunting to exist.

Intelligent Haunting

This is a type of ghost that might have unfinished business, they don’t want to leave, they don’t know that they’re a ghost or they have another reason for staying. They’re able to interract similar to a poltergeist, but they have a purpose instead of just causing trouble.


A Poltergeist is German for noisy ghost. It’s a ghost that can interract with its enviornment. They might throw objects, make loud sounds, turn lights off and on, slam doors and more. A poltergeist is quite rare.

Inhuman Spirit

An inhuman spirit can take many forms. This includes animal or demon. An inhuman spirit looks for the weakness of an individual and then they take advantage. They might posess a person and they’re very strong. An inhuman spirit might leave a bad smell and they interract similar to a Poltergeist.

Funnel Ghosts

When there’s a cold spot, there’s sometimes a Funnel Ghost. Some believe that a Funnel Ghost is a loved one making their return. They resemble a funnel or a spirial of light. They’re most often seen in old or historical homes and buildings.


Orbs are balls of energy that are believed to be spirits. They’re usually not seen until a picture is taken. True orbs criss cross or go in different directions. Dust can be mistaken for orbs.