The Thirteenth Hour 2023 Review

The Thirteenth Hour (Indianapolis, IN)
“The Master Awaits”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The clock has been set to the thirteenth hour. Enter Cartocker Expeditions where clocks decorate the walls and the constant ticking will drive a person insane. Meet experiment 314. He’s a 7 foot tall monster who violently moves as he spits water on guests. The decontamination chamber fills with fog as you try to escape. You’re then off to enter Transport Bay 01 which has 6 sections with one that you must enter before the haunt officially begins. Guests are transported back in time to 1913. This is an amazing start to an over the top haunt. So, get ready for the wild ride that is The Thirteenth Hour.

This haunt has tons of detail. There’s stained glass windows that are illuminated as lightning strikes. The Gothic architecture is impressive and so are the props. There are rotting corpses in coffins, scary skeletons, a statue of a woman who has bleeding eyes, a corpse with an open chest cavity that glows, killer scarecrows and so much more. One review wouldn’t cover all the delicious eye candy you’ll see.

Some of my favorite props were the snake busting out of a victim’s chest and the large grim reaper. The massive robed ghoul that attacks was very unexpected and the woman tearing her face off was gross to say the least. No expense was spared when making The Thirteenth Hour an immersive and realistic experience with some impressive props and scenes that will make you look twice. I’m still wondering how they made the room tilted as you try to not fall over. You’ll enter many different sections of the haunt including the courtyard, crypts and more.

The audio is fantastic at The Thirteenth Hour with some of the actors using a headset microphone in order for guests to hear them clearly. A few characters use bungee cord systems to scare you to death. You’ll explore scenes like the classroom with a vengeful nun. Confess your sins or else. The library can be a spooky place at night and you better have your library card. The archbishop wants to sacrifice someone in your group. Will that be you? The graveyard is full of the undead that want to feast on your flesh. You’ll even eventually meet the Master along your journey through fear. Where will you find him at The Thirteenth Hour? Will you find him in Widows Walk Cemetery, Cathedral of Souls, Mine No. 13 or somewhere else.

The second attraction is called Mine No. 13, but we consider this a section of The Thirteenth Hour since there’s little to no wait in line. Before you enter the mine, you’ll notice many different photo op stations, the purgatory bar, an ATM and more. The bar features beer, wine and hard seltzers. The Bone Throne was my favorite photo op station. Mine No. 13 has a spooky atmosphere and it’s very detailed. It looks like an actual mine with dynamite included free of charge. You wouldn’t expect anything less from The Thirteenth Hour.

There are a plethora of scenes such as a room full of barrels. Watch your head as one comes crashing down. There are mannequin body parts that decorate the walls. Did that mannequin just move by itself? Walk onto a ramp that suddenly collapses. Meet the Spider Queen in the spider’s lair. There are so many scenes and I won’t dare spoil everything.

It took us nearly 30 minutes to experience everything that The Thirteenth Hour has to offer. There were little to no dead spots. This attraction is full of costumed characters that love to interact with you. Tickets start at $29.99 and The Thirteenth Hour uses timed ticketing. We recommend that you show up before they open because this is a very popular attraction. The closer it gets to Halloween, the more crowded it’s going to get.

You can also purchase a Fast Lane ticket for $49.99 or an Instant Access ticket for $67.99. There are additional fees. Tickets purchased at the haunt are cash only and parking is free. Please visit for the various ticket options and prices. Trick or Treat Kids Day takes place on Saturday, October 28th from 2 PM – 4 PM and tickets are $5. Behind the Screams event is on Sunday, October 29th and tickets are $59.99. These are online prices where you can save $5 or more on various ticket options. There are photo op stations and a Purgatory Bar as previously mentioned. They even had a food truck called Tacos LA when we visited. Their food looked delicious. Thirteen Hour’s Valentine’s Day haunt Love Is Blind returns in 2024 and information is coming soon.

The Thirteenth Hour is one of the best haunts Indiana has to offer. It’s cutting edge, dynamic and a good time. Will you survive your visit with the Master? Visit The Thirteenth Hour to find out.

Length-9 Design-9 Props-9 Acting-9 Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 9.0