The Graveyard


Welcome to the graveyard. These haunts were reviewed at one time, but for some reason they aren’t going to be reviewed anymore. It’s mostly do to their lack of originality or because they’ve shut down. At any time, a haunt may be dug up and reviewed. This list is occasionally updated from time to time.

The only answer is death. We don’t blame a haunt for closing down, but we blame them for the lack or creativity or being less than mediocre year after year.

Bloody Mary’s Massacre Meadows
No new information has been found on this haunt. It may be open under a different name, but who knows.

Carnival of Horrors
This is what I refer to as a money trap. They advertise their haunt as being one of the best in the country, but once you pay for admission you are trapped into going through one crappy haunt after another.

Chainsaw Creek
Chainsaw Creek had a wide variety of haunts in one lociation, but unfortunately all of the haunts were mediocre at best. This haunt has been closed for years.

Dreadland Haunted Woods
Dreadland Haunted Woods was an intense haunt with scenes that would put fear into anyone. Who can forget the sparking lawn mower, crazy truck ride or being buried alive? 2014 was its final year.

Dungeon of Doom
Here was a decent haunt with a unique dark maze, but overall it wasn’t worth the price of admission. This haunt has been closed down since City Blood’s last review.

Dungeons of Delhi
This classic haunt was unfortunately torn down, but it will never be forgotten. It was one of the best charity haunts around.

Fear Fair
Fear Fair in Seymour, Indiana was one of the best haunts around. Every year they seemed to have a new theme and their horror movie scenes were incredible. We’ll miss you Fear Fair.

Funeral of Fear
This haunt is officially closed. Its unique location set it apart from a lot of haunts, but its lack of design and some poor acting had it falling short of becoming a great haunt.

Highway 50 Fright Field
This was such a fun attraction, but unfortunately they’ve decided to call it quits.

Lewisburg Haunted Cave
Lewisburg Haunted Cave used to be an incredible attraction, but the owners are not people that you want to deal with. We hope you tour their haunt, but we won’t be returning anytime soon.

Haunted Hoochie (Original Outdoor)
This legendary haunt’s last season was in 2003, but it made way for Dead Acres.

Haunted Spook Coop
The great Haunted Spook Coop closed its doors forever due to low profits and an isolated location.

Hauntville had a variety of unique attractions, but they’re sadly no longer open.

Junction Nightmare
Junction Nightmare was truly one of the best haunts Cincinnati had ever seen. In just 2 seasons, it was as good or better than some haunts that have been scaring the tri-state for years. Junction Nightmare will be sadly missed.

Kruegers Korn Maze
There was nothing special about this run of the mill Haunted Corn Maze.

Loveland Castle Scary Knight Tours
Loveland Castle Scary Knight Tours is closed. It has great potential due to it being in an authentic castle, but it’s sadly misused.

Mad Jaxe House of Horror
For one reason or the another, the owners of Terror Maze aren’t bringing back this all around frightening haunt.

Majestic Nightmare
The owners of the home haunts Majestic Nightmare and Nightmare Manor have taken ownership of The Dent Schoolhouse. These legendary home haunts will be missed.

Nightmare Estates
Nightmare Estates promised its return for 2006, but unfortunately they never reopened. Rest in peace you Cincinnati classic.

Nightmare Manor Home Haunt
The owners of home haunts Majestic Nightmare and Nightmare Manor have taken ownership of The Dent Schoolhouse. These legendary home haunts will be missed.

Outer Darkness
Outer Darkness has been permanently closed. This haunt was considered a ‘Hell House’, but it was still pretty incredible.

Panic Box SpookHouse
Once again this haunt fell way short of expectations due to poor acting and design. It’s no longer operating

Psychomania, The Theater of Terror
Psychomania had one of the most unique locations of any haunt in Indiana. It was fun as hell and had its creepy moments. 2011 was its final year. In February 2012, the haunt burned down. We’re going to miss Psychomania.

Psycho Path
This is just another overpriced trail that doesn’t deliver. There’s a reason this haunt is no longer open.

Scaredown in Waynesville, Ohio only lasted a few years. It featured a ghost tour of a haunted house and a walk through haunted attraction. It was setup like a Halloween Festival and was a really enjoyable event.

Scare Fair
Scare Fair in Waynesfield, Ohio was a great event with some unique haunts. Unfortunately, it closed down without an explanation. It was a popular event to say the least.

Scream Acres Ct
Scream Acres Ct was originally a home haunt, but would eventually go pro years later. They moved into the old Johnny’s Toys building in Covington, KY and were there for a few years. Unfortunately 2014 was their final year as a pro haunt.

Slaughter Yard
This was a great haunt its first year, but it slowly went down hill. Many haunts were improving while Slaughter Yard got worse. It was too similar to other area haunts and those haunts out performed Slaughter Yard in most areas. Slaughter Yard would eventually close its doors for good.

St. Rita’s Haunted House
They were nearly 40 years old before they closed and in the Summer of 2018, the building was demolished because it was considered unsafe. This was a classic Cincinnati haunt that many people have great memories of. RIP St. Rita’s.

Terror Park
Terror Park has always been one of the most unique haunts in the state of Ohio. Where else were you able to experience an attraction that took place in an actual baseball stadium? Not only did they have a unique location, they were also able to do some amazing things considering they only had two weeks to build. Terror Park will be missed.

Terror Town
Terror Town in Maumee, Ohio won Haunt of the Year two years in a row. Their House of the Dead attraction was one of our all time favorites and with no explanation they announced that they would be shutting down. 2014 was their final year of operation. We won’t forget the great times we had at Terror Town.

Terror Within Zombie Island
This was a frightening haunt that had an incredible cast of characters. Unfortunately Terror Within Zombie Island won’t be open anymore.

The Chambers of Horror
The Chambers of Horror was one of City Blood’s favorite haunts. It featured old school scenes, homemade scares and intense actors. Unfortunately 2014 was its final year of operation.

The Creep
The creep had one of the best setups for a Haunted Screampark that we’ve ever seen. The haunts were high quality and it was an all around great event. Unfortunately, The Creep was sold and many people didn’t get a chance to experience it.

The Haunt
This is just your average haunted trail with nothing that stands out. It had potential, I guess.

The Haunted Swamp
Here is a very low budget haunted trail that has some unique scenes, but ultimately doesn’t stand the test of time over the years. It has been shut down.

The TerrorFest
This was a fun haunted house with some of the best 3D effects we had ever seen. But one year they closed and they never reopened.

The Hollow
This was the worst haunt the City Blood staff had ever visited. There must have been $100 invested in the whole trail.

The House of Nightmares (Mt.Vernon, OH)
The House of Nightmares was one of City Blood’s favorite haunts and our first ever Haunt of the Year. This haunt had an incredible building that was spooky beyond belief. Their torture museum and variety of bone chilling scenes were unforgettable. Four of its floors caved in during the Winter of 2006 which would cause it to never reopen. In June 2015, the building caught on fire and was a complete loss. We’ll never forget this haunt classic.

The Mill of Fear
It’s a creepy old haunt that will be closed for good due to building cod issues.

The Nightmare
This was a fun haunt, but it’s been closed for years.

Toxicity Haunted Attraction
Toxicity Haunted Attraction only lasted for one year, but it will never be forgotten. It was a truly unique haunted trail that focused on theatrics instead of detailed sets or high priced props. Hopefully one day this haunt emerges from the ashes.

Train of Terror
Train of Terror was quite possibly one of the worst haunts in the country. The lack of creativity, pathetic lighting and annoying staff will make anyone’s blood boil. To top it off, the owners charge $12 for a haunt that looks like it’s been organized in a weekend.

Trail of Fears
This was a low budget haunted trail, but it was pretty creative. Unfortunately they closed years ago and haven’t reopened.

Waky Haunted House
The Waky Haunted House was a good haunt, but unfortunately they are closed. This haunt had a lot of potential, but not enough business.