Psychomania, Theater of Terror 2008 Review

Psychomania, Theater of Terror-“Tickets Please”
Over the years we’ve walked through a haunted hotel, morgue, steamboat and even a cave. But this year will be our first touring a haunt that takes place in a haunted theater. The haunt is called Psychomania, Theater of Terror and for the most part we left with good impressions for a haunt that should have a long life if the right changes are made.

Length-8: Your tour through the haunted theater will take around 15 minutes to complete. After you’re done with your tour please make sure and experience their unique coffin simulator.

Design-8: Every bit of Psychomania had to be renovated due to the condition of the old movie theater. Dumpsters full of garbage, ruble and debris had to be moved in order for the creators to build a detailed haunt that would impress haunt goers. And for the most part they’ve created a unique atmosphere unlike any other in the Kentuckiana area. Once we entered the theater we knew right away that we were going to experience a unique haunt.

The workers are dressed like they have been recently dug up while a creepy organ player plays hit music in the corner. Once you hand the ticket taker your ticket the real terror begins. The queue line has been designed to resemble the outside of a decrepit haunted house. Lightning can be heard as bright flashes blind people in line. This is one of the most detailed queue lines we’ve ever seen for a haunt and really puts you in the mood to be scared.

But unfortunately the inside of Psycomania isn’t as impressive as the outside. Around 20% of this haunt resembles an old fashioned haunted house, but the majority of the scenes don’t have a sense of direction. Every theme imaginable from clowns to caged inmates can be seen at Psychomania, but we missed much of it because of the amount of customers that were put through at one time. If a more consistent theme was used throughout Psyhomania this could possibly be one of the best haunts in Indiana.

Props/Animatronics-8: The majority of props go great with the scenes they are in. It’s obvious that many of the animatronics are homemade, but that doesn’t effect scenes the slightest bit. A few more high tech props would help Psychomania greatly, but it isn’t essential.

Acting-8: As you may have guessed, there are some real psychos roaming around Theater of Terror. You’ll come in contact with undead girls, insane asylum patients, a voodoo priest and many more characters that are sure to haunt your dreams.

Scare Effect-8: This is a haunt that plays off of it’s unique setting. Once you enter the old theater you’ll be intimidated right away. It looks like an actual movie theater and the haunt itself isn’t half bad either. It’s pretty impressive how frightening this haunt truly is considering that it’s a first year attraction.

Fright Value: $15 is way to high for a first year haunt. But unfortunately this seems like the going rate for haunts in the Kentuckiana area. Please make sure and take advantage of the discounts available at

Final Stab-8.0: Psychomania, Theater of Terror is a very unique haunt, but you may miss a lot of the detail and creative scenes if you visit on a busy night. Too many groups are let through at the same time and in the end you are left with a fun experience that could have been much better.