The Devil’s Attic 2023 Review

The Devil’s Attic (Louisville, KY)
“One Hell of a Haunt”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Welcome to The Devil’s Attic. This haunt is like a fine wine that only gets better with age. The Devil’s Attic has a colorful cast of characters that are downright intimidating and well, scary. You’re going to meet some of the best horror movie villains that you’ve ever encountered. Pinhead can be seen holding his puzzle box and Uncle Frank’s skin has been ripped off exposing red flesh. A cenobite stood there staring at me. Dr. Heiter tried to make me part of his Human Centipede as I tried to leave in one piece instead of pieces. Other characters include vampires that smell your blood and a caged man that screams out in terror before you’re attacked by a vicious werewolf.

Frankenstein’s laboratory has become a staple at The Devil’s Attic. Doctor Victor Frankenstein shows off his newest creation. Are you ready to get up close and personal to a monster that wants to rip you from limb to limb. Another incredible room features Regan MacNeil being possessed by the demon Pazuzu. A psychotic priest tries to drive the demon out as she thrashes around. Every single character was incredible the night we visited and the makeup, costumes and masks were phenomenal. Our favorite character is Medusa. Don’t look into her eyes or you’ll be turned into stone. Another notable character is Franklin from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Ask what his sister’s name is and you’ll come face to face with Leatherface himself.

The acting was some of the best we’ve seen at any haunt. There wasn’t an actor who wasn’t contributing in some way. It’s hard to say who was the most convincing because everyone stayed in character the entire time. It’s quite obvious that the people behind this incredible haunt love horror movies and they’re dedicated in making them as real as possible. The lighting is great as well. There wasn’t a moment where I thought that it was too dark in a scene or a prop wasn’t illuminated properly.

The Devil’s Attic is overflowing with incredible scenes that are intricately detailed and immersive. You’ll walk through a murky swamp, a dungeon with an executioner and a sharp pendulum cutting into a victim, Bloody Mary’s disgusting bathroom and so much more. We were in and out in 14 minutes and it’s action packed from beginning to end. New this season is the Black Plague section and it’s a great addition to The Devil’s Attic. Watch as a witch is burned at the stake and meet a salesman that wants to measure you for the perfect coffin.

The Devil’s Attic has always been a great haunt, but this year they’ve really stepped it up. The actors are phenomenal, the new scenes are great and the horror movie recreations are some of the best around. We can’t say enough about one of the best haunts around. Tickets are $25 and a Speed-pass is $35. Click here to sign up for a $2 off coupon. There was a BBQ food truck onsite and plenty of Devil’s Attic merchandise in the merchandise trailer when you exit the haunt. Don’t forget to pick up your group photo that was taken before entering.

If you’re unsure about which haunt to visit this season then don’t fret. The Devil’s Attic should be near the top of your list. It’s well worth the drive, ticket price and then some.

Length-8 Design-9 Prop-9 Acting-10 Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 9.0