Terror Within Zombie Island 2012 Review

 A dark and twisted haunted trail lives and breathes in Monroe, Ohio. Do you dare enter Zombie Island and are you ready to be injected with the green mystery cerium. Let’s find out!
Length-9: It will take nearly 25 minutes to escape from Zombie Island. The majority of the haunt has something that will distract or frighten people who go through.
Design-8: Terror Within doesn’t rely on high end animatronics or expensive Hollywood sets. Many of the scenes you’ll come across center around the theme of a bad experiment gone wrong by the made doctor who runs Zombie Island. Some memorable rooms include an autopsy hospital room where the mad doctor injects some green serum into his next victim. You’ll venture into Jason woods, an insane asylum, chainsaw chase out, scarecrow cornfield and much more. The scenes seamlessly mold together and focus on the evil experiments theme.
Props/Animatronics-7: Terror Within’s prime focus is acting and the few props that litter the trail compliment the many actors who fill the frightening scenes and rooms. A doctor’s room has a bloody cut open body while the haunted cornfield has evil scarecrows waiting to jump out and touch you. There’s a variety of eye candy in Zombie Island, but that’s not the prime focus of this haunt.
Acting-10: The actors at Terror Within are intimidating to say the least. You won’t find many of these unique characters anywhere else and their dedication in scaring people who go through the haunted trail is amazing. At one point you’ll be confronted by Jason Vorhees who puts his machete up against your neck. While there are a few characters you’ll recognize from popular movies such as Friday The 13th and Jeepers Creeper. The majority are Terror Within original creations. Mad lunatics roam this dark trail, while creatures from beyond cry for help or even search for their teeth. The actors at Terror Within truly love to scare the crap out of their customers and that’s exactly what they do.
Scare Effect-9: Terror Within reminds me of the great old school haunts like Nightmare Estates that once scared people looking for intense acting over high end animatronics. Times have changed, but Terror Within focuses on what really matters. Scaring people when they least expect it with old school tactics.
Fright Value: $15 is a bit pricey for a haunt of this quality. Knock $5 off the admission price and you’ll have a haunt that will have lines a mile long. I can’t see someone paying $15 for a haunt that lacks high quality props and sets, but makes up for it in acting.
Final Stab-8.6: Terror Within is one of the most intense haunts you will find in Ohio. Their dedication to pulling off a great scare is none the less. If you are a lover of haunted trails, this is one you shouldn’t miss out on.