All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town Review 2019

All Hallows’ Eve – Terror Town (Williamsburg, OH)
“An Extreme Take on Terror”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Deep in the outskirts of Williamsburg, Ohio is a massive Western Town where spirits of the past have come to life and you’ve become part of a living breathing nightmare. All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town is one of Ohio’s newest Haunted Attractions and unique to say the least. The location for Terror Town is awe inspiring. It resembles a massive ghost town from the 1800s and you better watch your back. This is far from your typical haunted attraction.

While we were there we witnessed a public hanging at the gallows and multiple gun fights. The actors wear elaborate costumes and do a great job at capturing what it was like during the Wild West. It reminded me of the movie Tombstone, but with much harsher language. All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town doesn’t pull any punches as they try to be as realistic as possible. I loved the cannon that was fired and the gatling gun was cool as hell. The cannon was loud and bad ass. When you purchase a ticket to Terror Town, you’ll need to give them your cell phone number. When it’s your turn to enter the line, they will text you. This gives you a chance to walk around and explore the town while you wait.

Terror Town has a plethora of shops, restaurants and bars/saloons. They all feature storefronts you would see back in the 1800s. There’s a General Outfitting Store, City Drugstore, F.C. Zimmermann Fire Arms Ammunition and much more. These are just the storefronts, so don’t expect it to always reflect what’s inside. Terror Town features some grotesque props you can purchase. There are severed heads, rotten bloody fingers, dirty crushed skulls and much more.  If you want a bite to eat then you’re in luck. There are numerous restaurants that offer everything from Mexican food to pulled pork sliders and even hamburgers. If you want to remember the great times you had a Terror Town then be sure to purchase some memorabilia like one of the many different T-Shirts, hoodies and more they have for sale. My favorite was the skeleton long sleeve shirt.

There’s a lot of entertainment at Terror Town and this is before you ever experience the haunted attraction. The Zombie Brain Smash game is a blast. Grab some brains and place them on the launcher. Now hit the brain with a mallet in order to get the brain back into the zombie’s skull cavity. It’s much harder than it looks. If that doesn’t amuse you then you can do a little axe throwing or have your fortune told. Movies are played in the outdoor theater and there’s sometimes live music and special acts. You have multiple ticket options. It’s $25 for the regular haunt or $35 for Unfeigned Horror. This is where you’ll be given a red glow bracelet that alerts actors that they can grab, pull, push and make you part of the scene. You’re in for a wild ride.

(Check out these beautiful jack-o’-lanterns.)

We of course chose the Unfeigned Horror. Unfortunately they were out of ponchos, but we were given the choice of T-Shirts to put over our clothes. You are going to be drenched at Terror Town. Expect to have blood poured on your head and you will be verbally assaulted as well. I knew that I was in for something special when one of the first things I see is a sign that reads, Ring the Bell Pussie. It’s misspelled on purpose. I of course had to ring the bell. Now, I don’t want to give every little detail away because this is a quite unique experience. I had a sack placed on my head and I was dragged away. I was buried alive by the grave digger and I was blessed by the town’s priest.

Terror Town has a great cast of characters which includes a coven of witches, creatures and various homicidal maniacs. The ravenous werewolf kept biting my arm and wouldn’t let up for a second. Yes, some of the scenes could be improved with the addition of more props, improved lighting and special effects. The haunt isn’t nearly as detailed as the Western Town, but there was one room that was jaw dropping. The church is quite shocking and very gory. I’ve never seen anything like it and whoever designed that scene should get a raise. It’s very twisted. The Unfeigned Horror version of the haunt is extreme, but I never felt like I was in harm’s way. The actors know how rough to be with customers. I was with an older gentleman who was in his 60’s and they were more gentle and weren’t nearly as rough with him as they were with me. I liked seeing how professional the staff was.

You will be covered with fake blood if you choose the Unfeigned Horror ticket, but don’t worry. The blood doesn’t stain and it washes off the skin very easily from my experience. Don’t wear your nice clothes because the town is very dusty and you might get fake blood or dirt on you if you’re near someone with a red bracelet on or if you bought an Unfeigned Horror ticket. If the Unfeigned Horror experience gets too intense for you then remove your bracelet and the actors will back off.

Total tour time varies depending on which ticket option you choose. If you choose the regular Terror Town ticket then the actors won’t spend as much time with you. If you pick Unfeigned Horror then it’s a very interactive experience and it’s going to be longer. We were in and out in 23 minutes. It was a very action packed haunt and I was on the edge of my seat. Admission is $25 and the Unfeigned Horror ticket is $35. A Weekend Pass which lets you visit Friday, Saturday and Sunday is $60. Friday nights are half off for college students which makes it only $12.50. You must have a valid or current student ID.

We enjoyed our stay at All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town. Be the folk in the lore.

Length-9  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 8.2