The Asylum 2009 Review

One of the brand new haunts at Terror Town is The Asylum. It’s a version of the classic dark maze with a few unique elements thrown in. While it’s not as great as House of The Dead or other haunts that have been at Terror Town in previous years, it’s enjoyable none the less.
Length-7: This really depends on how good you are at trying to find your way out of complete darkness. Most people will be able to locate the exit within 10 minutes or less where as someone like me who is terrible at dark mazes no matter how many times I’ve been through them could be in there for 15 minutes or more.
Design-7: This is one of the better designed dark mazes we’ve been through since it incorporates props that relate to the story line and has just the right amount of lighting so the haunt isn’t unsafe. There aren’t really any scenes to speak of, but at the end of the day it’s a pretty well designed maze.
Props-7: There are various Unit 70 Studio figures scattered throughout the maze. You’ll see a crazed woman with an axe and other lunatics that blend in with the darkness and make you think if they are actors or not. This haunt doesn’t have tons of decorations, but does include a tight claustrophobia tunnel and one of the longest vortex tunnels you’ll ever experience. The middle section of the tunnel has brand new fabric making it look similar to the textures you would see on a cave wall.
At the beginning of the tour you will also have the pleasure of seeing one of the most widely used animatronics this year. Of course I’m speaking of Pale Night Productions Asylum Door. I’ve described in other reviews how this prop functions, but all I can say is that it’s set up perfectly in creating a story for the haunt to follow.
Acting-6: The actors are pretty good as they roam around trying to blend in with their surroundings. The Asylum can be confusing, but more actors would help this haunt become scarier.
Scare Effect-7: This can be a scary experience because of how well hidden some of the actors are. You never know where they are going to be next or if they are a prop or not. The Asylum is similar to your traditional dark maze, but with some added touches to enhance your experience.
Customer Service: As mentioned in the House of The Dead Review, the Terror Town staff is very nice and helpful and there are plenty of concessions for those who are thirsty or hungry. The parking is free and organized as well. While we were inside The Asylum a group in front of us was so rowdy that one of their friends proceeded to drop their pants and dance around while one of their buddies dropped their cell phone as it moved around in the vortex tunnel. But thankfully one of the staff was there right away to take care of the issue and everything was fine.
Fright Value: In order to experience The Asylum you must purchase a combo ticket for $20 which gets you in all 3 attractions at Terror Town. So if Terror Town is $11 by itself you are only paying $4.50 for the rest of the haunts. That’s a pretty good deal. Make sure to buy a speed pass for $25 if the crowds are long the night you visit. It’s worth the additional $5 if you are restricted on your time. 
Make sure and purchase a ticket for The Last Ride coffin ride simulator for $2 a ticket. The Last Ride simulates the coffin being transported to the cemetery in the back of a hearse as the hearse burns rubber and weaves back and forth. Then it is transported to the cemetery before you are buried alive. This version of The Last Ride is from the company Haunted Enterprises and features smells such as rose, burning rubber and the last scent you will have to guess for yourself. It’s one of the better coffin simulators I’ve experienced.
Final Stab-6.8: The Asylum is a good dark maze, but kind of falls flat when you compare it to House of The Dead which you will tour that night when purchasing a combo ticket. Combining this haunt with House of The Dead would make more sense versus having this as a stand alone attraction.