Terror Park 2007 Review

Terror Park-“Evil Freaks Hide In The Stadium”
Tonight we decided to visit Terror Park for a night of scares and fun. The weather was great and the crowds for haunts tonight were amazing. It truly felt like October and we were ready to be scared.

Length-9: It will take up to 25 minutes to finish this lengthy haunt. Even though there is a point where you’ll be waiting in a second line to enter the 2nd half of Terror Park, there are few dead spots found in the haunted ball park.
Design-8: It’s quite amazing that Terror Park is assembled in 3 weeks. The many rooms you’ll enter coincide with the haunted ball park theme. Rooms include a messy bathroom, pirate’s cove, funhouse, vampire’s lair, large cemetery and many more well themed rooms that are sure to put a chill down your back. At one point you’ll enter a dark fun house where you’ll smell cotton candy courtesy of Sinister Scents. This is a large haunt that utilizes Cooper Stadium to its fullest and being able to walk almost on the field is a unique experience of its own.
Acting-9: Once again Terror Park returns with some of the best actors in the business. Unlike many haunts, Terror Park uses an acting troupe known as Feature Creatures who specialize in scaring the crap out of haunted house goers. The attention to detail in the makeup is downright impressive and you’ll have a difficult time finding an actor out of character. But there was one point where we entered a room and a couple of the actors were talking with each other and all of a sudden got into character after that. While this hardly ever happens it did and ruined that entire scene.
Props/Animatronics-8: Terror Park isn’t known for its impressive props, but has a wide variety that go great with the many themed rooms in the haunted ball park. Some of the props include a large pirate ship, wooden tombstones, animated clown, messy toilets and much more. The props aren’t the highlight of this haunt, the actors are.
Scare Effect-8: A haunted ball park is a unique place to hold a haunt and Terror Park uses its surroundings to its fullest. The characters you’ll come across are intense and many of the scenes are different because they incorporate many parts of the ballpark in its design. The only downfall is that you will be waiting in line to tour the second half of Terror park and that ultimately takes you out of the experience.
Fright Value: $13 is a bit high for a haunt that doesn’t use high tech props or highly detailed scenes. $10 would be more suitable for a haunt of this quality. But even though the price for admission may be high, the parking has been lowered to $2 this year instead of its $3 regular price.
Final Stab-8.4: Terror Park is a unique haunt because of its setting. Where else can you find a haunted ball park in Ohio? But unlike many haunts, Terror Park uses its surroundings to its fullest. Creepy sound effects radiate throughout the park’s speakers, you’ll enter into the batting cage and even walk into bathrooms used by people during the baseball season. This is a unique haunt that you should experience at least once for its creepy ball park setting.