Terror Park 2008 Review

Terror Park-“Farewell Cooper Stadium”
This will be the final year for Terror Park at Cooper Stadium. But don’t worry since this ball park haunt will be moving to a new location next year. Terror Park is always one of the most unique haunts since it’s located in an actual ball park stadium and the rest of it isn’t too bad either.

Length-9: 20 minutes of terror will be experienced at Terror Park. There are very few dead spots with the exception of a few mazes where few actors reside. You’ll no longer be waiting in line between sections of Terror Park. This ultimately makes the haunt have a much quicker pace without sacrificing intensity.

Design-8: Terror Park is located at Cooper Stadium in downtown Columbus, OH. Due to the baseball team’s schedule this annual haunt has very little time to set up. It’s pretty impressive how everything looks considering the obstacles Terror Park faces every year. As always much of the stadium is utilized. You’ll venture through the stadium’s bath rooms, locker rooms and much more.

Unfortunately the baseball theme isn’t used entirely. A more consistent theme centering around the haunted baseball stadium would create a more realistic haunt instead of having mixed themes throughout terror park. Rooms include a haunted bathroom, a disembodied voice dark maze, crawl though hearse and a variety of scenes that will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

This year you will no longer encounter lines in between portions of Terror Park. While this can be a great thing since you won’t be waiting to experience the second half, it was always a unique experience being able to see the stadium outside as creepy sounds played on the sound system.

Props/Animatronics-8: Terror Park is mostly known for a great cast of characters instead of high end animatronics. This year a few new props have been added to the mix such as a large alien eye which emerges from the woods or the light activated heads that emerge out of the darkness in the new maze. The addition of some high end animated scares would improve many of the rooms that are lacking in decor.

Acting-8: Every year Terror Park uses an acting troupe known as Feature Creatures of Central Ohio. These frightening group of actors can be seen at Pataskala Haunted Forest, Terror Park and other haunts across Ohio. But this year it seemed like there were less creative characters and a few of the actors weren’t very good on their timing. Numerous times we would see a group ahead getting scared before we even entered the scene. This ruined our experience slightly since we knew what was going to happen next.

But as always Terror Park uses some of the best prosthetics and air brushing techniques we’ve seen at a haunt. Hopefully characters such as Granny (AKA Tater) will return one year since this was one of the most effective characters that ever graced Terror Park.

Scare Effect-8: Before you even enter Terror Park you’ll be tormented by evil clowns and insane characters. This creates an intimidating experience before the haunt even begins. But once inside the haunt you’ll encounter Terror Park’s Feature Creatures of Central Ohio. These incredible group of actors are relentless and never seem to let up.

Fright Value: $13 is an awful high price for a haunt that is on a tight budget. Plus you’ll be paying $3 for parking. If you are a family of 4 or more costs start to add up quickly. Please make sure and take advantage of the $2 off coupon available at www.terrorpark.com.

Final Stab-8.2: Unfortunately this will be the final year for Terror Park at Cooper Stadium. But next year Terror Park will make its home at Sills Park. This is the final chapter for Terror Park at Cooper Stadium, but a new page is turned next year. This is a unique haunt due to its location and its dedicated group of actors bring this haunt to life.