St. Rita Haunted House 2007 Review

St. Rita Haunted House-“Over 30 Years of Frightful Fun”
For over 30 years St. Rita Haunted House has been scaring people of all ages and keeping those with a strong fear of fright up all night. St. Rita returns for another year of scares with a new layout and a few surprises you’ll surely notice.

Length-7: Your tour of St. Rita Haunted House will take around 12 minutes to complete. There are few dead spots, but the out door bridge scene could use some props and additional actors. This year the classic haunt seemed longer due to more advanced scenes and props.

Design-8: The old boys dormitory is an intimidating structure to say the least. Even during the daylight this old building looks haunted and during the night, the real fun begins. The majority of the scenes you’ll encounter are traditional rooms you’ve come to expect from many haunts. Some scenes include a body bag room, mad scientist laboratory, nuclear waste land, pirate cave and many rooms that look as if they are haunted. The unique layout of the haunt really intensifies the action inside.

Props/Animatronics-7: St. Rita isn’t known for having the most technically advanced animatronics or jaw dropping props. But they do have some effective homemade props that go great with the various themed rooms. Rising ghouls, a floating vampire bust, sliding corpse and much more only names a few of sights you’ll see at St. Rita Haunted House. Unfortunately the night we visited the large vortex tunnel wasn’t working properly and due to the large area that prop takes up, it lowered the rating as far as props and animatronics go.

Acting-7: A large percentage of the actors at St.Rita Haunted House are volunteers and younger than you typically see at big budget haunts. While they are enthusiastic in trying to scare people who come through the haunt, they don’t leave a lasting impression. The best acting of the night goes to the pirates who inhabit the pirate cave. They have great costumes, are intense and just bring that detailed room to life.

Scare Effect-7: There is something spooky and unique about St.Rita Haunted House. It may not be the scariest haunt around, but it’s one of the most chilling due to its intimidating structure and unique layout. If you are new to haunts, you are sure to be a little frightened when go though this traditional haunt.

Fright Value: $10 is a steep price for a charity haunt that has mostly child actors playing major parts. Make sure to print out yourself a $3 off coupon available on St. Rita’s website.

Final Stab-7.2: St. Rita Haunted House is a more frightening experience this year. There are additional rooms, new characters and a completely new layout that brings something fresh and new to the old haunt. If you are looking for a haunt to bring the whole family to, look no further than St. Rita Haunted House.