Springboro Haunted Hayride 2014 Review

Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog (Lebanon, OH)
“One of Halloween’s Best Hideaways”
By Noah Wullkotte: Jollypumpkin@aol.com 

Billboard’s number one song for 1989 was Look Away by Chicago. Batman destroyed the competition at the Box Office by bringing in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars the same year. It was the year before the dawn of the 90’s and the end of a special time in history. On September 29th, 1989 a new type of terror was unleashed upon Lebanon, OH. I’m of course speaking of Springboro Haunted Hayride. This beloved haunt celebrates its 25th anniversary and has many surprises up its sleeve.

The temperature was 67 degrees and the sky was full of twinkling stars. The ticket line was large and people of all ages were purchasing tickets for two of the best haunts in Ohio, Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog. It’s always great seeing friends and families excited to get the crap scared out of them on a crisp fall night. There’s something truly special about a haunted hayride that’s hard to put into words. There’s no other type of haunt that has more Halloween spirit.

Hop on board a large hay wagon and pick a seat. Get ready for the ride of your life because there’s no turning back and no one can help you now. The tractor driver is in control of your destiny and your destination is FEAR!Springboro Haunted Hayride is a 22 minute tour through dark and wicked woods. If you’re not scared then you’ll definitely be entertained by the rest of the passengers on the wagon. You’ll hear men and women losing their minds as ghouls and psychopaths approach them. There are a lot of intense and startling scenes at Springboro Haunted Hayride.

Springboro Haunted Hayride is well known for their vehicle chases. So, be sure to sit in the back of the wagon where you’ll get an up close and personal view. My personal favorite is the combine chase. A man eating combine with razor sharp teeth chases after the wagon and gets inches away as people scream in terror. Springboro Haunted Hayride is home to The Headless Horseman. You’ll definitely be impressed by how calm the horse is and the skills of the actor portraying the character.

Springboro Haunted Hayride doesn’t have a specific theme, but that’s okay. This is a traditional haunted hayride in a sense, but there are some frightening surprises. BD’s Junkyard really heats things up by using real flames that shoot high into the sky. The carnival of lost souls features killer clowns and a large monkey with cymbals as he chases the wagon. I couldn’t help, but be amused by the monkey. You just don’t see that everyday. The actors are up close and personal. At one point an actor handed one of the passengers his chainsaw which made everyone laugh.

Enter a barn full of backwoods hicks who want to tear you to pieces. A coven of witches wants to eat you up before you enter a large field where something evil is hiding. Springboro Haunted Hayride uses subtle lighting in many of its scenes which I appreciate. It’s an intense haunted adventure and you’re sure to have a great time. Tickets are $12 a piece which is the going rate for hayrides. A combo ticket for the Hayride and Black Bog is $22 which is a $2 savings.

Next up is The Black Bog.

The wind howls like a banshee in the night. What was that sound in the distance and what’s hiding around the next corner? Evil runs wild at The Black Bog, a haunted trail where nightmares are born. Expect the unexpected and hopefully you’ll be able to tell others about your experience. They won’t believe you, but you know the truth. You know that ghosts, monsters and true evil exists at The Black Bog.

Enter an old elevator that leads straight to the path where innocence is lost and unimaginable horrors are common place. The Black Bog is a haunted trail that will give you goosebumps and will make your skin crawl. Trees have been bent to form a tunnel and paths are full of thick fog. A mysterioius greenhouse is silent and a creature made of moss and vines is ready to scare you to death. A cave is dimly lit with blue lights. Do you have enough courage to enter? Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers make an appearance at The Black Bog. Freddy is after Nancy Thompson and you’re part of her dream that she’s never waking up from.

Walk across a wooden pathway before entering Haddonfield, Illionis where you can enter Michael Myers’ childhood home. Stare into the eyes of a psychopath who has a never ending will to murder and mangle anything in his path. This is a very intense scene with props and detail that fans of the Halloween movies will appreciate.

The Black Bog is a haunted trail with a great cast and some very unique characters. A demonic scarecrow gets inches from your throat with his razor sharp sickle. There are even zombies that just want a little nibble as you walk through a dark alley. The Black Bog is full of great detail and large structures. The graveyard features catacombs with skeletal remains and the creepy ghost town has a barber shop, slaughter barn and more.

The Black Bog is around 20 minutes long and there are very few dead spots. Tickets are $12 a piece or you can purchase a combo ticket for $22. This will get you into the haunted trail and hayride for a savings of $2. When you exit The Black Bog you’ll enter their concessions barn. This beautiful barn was built in 1857 and features old signs, antiques and more. You can get yourself a hotdog, nachos, a soft pretzel, can of pop and other tasty treats at reasonable prices.

Watch others entering the vortex tunnel on a TV screen attached to the wall. Some get dizzy and fall over while others are just fine. The Black Bog has always been one of our favorite haunted trails with great detail and a very spooky atmosphere. We can’t say enough about it. The Black Bog has all the qualities of a great haunted trail and we’re looking forward to next season. Both Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog are great attractions that people of all ages will enjoy. Create some haunting memories this Halloween season at Bull Run Farms.

Final Stab For Each Haunt
Springboro Haunted Hayride: Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-8  Acting-8  Scare Effect-9  Final Stab: 8.4

The Black Bog: Length-9  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9  Final Stab: 9.0