The Black Bog 2010 Review

The Black Bog-“New and Improved For 2010”
Genre: Haunted Trail
Location: 6070 Springboro Road
Lebanon, OH45036
Runtime: 20 min

Every year I’m enthusiastically waiting The Black Bog at Bull Run Farms. It’s a unique haunted trail that is different from what you usually experience at other haunts in Ohio. We were excited to see what has changed since last year and we were blown away.

This is City Blood’s review of The Black Bog at Bull Run Farms.

What’s Good About The Haunt?
Over the last couple of days I’ve heard how there have been many changes for The Black Bog, but I had no clue how drastic it would be. All I can really say is that this is a totally different haunt which has a few elements of the old Black Bog, but for the most part there have been massive improvements. Almost every scene has been improved and many brand new structures have been built. New this year is large cave that is dimly lit with small flashing LED lights. It’s incredibly realistic and something I rarely experience on a haunted trail. There have also been new structures built such as a large brothel with real shutters, old looking wood and everything you would expect from a building that takes place in the Wild West.

Throughout your journey through The Black Bog you will notice that there’s something new everywhere you walk. One of my favorite new scenes is the elaborate graveyard that inlcudes large tombstones and walk through crypts/masoulems. It’s very spooky and mysterious to say the least. Other scenes include a bloody barber shop, a twisted bunny room, a walk through bus with Freddy Krueger, a polka dot room, various shacks and of course the Hellevator. This year the Hellevator is as intense as ever with dynamic lighting, violent vibrations and superb sound. It’s one of the better Hellevators you will experience this year. But the Hellevator isn’t the only impressive prop you’ll come across at The Black Bog. You’ll experience everything from a spinning vortex tunnel to various delapidated shacks.

The acting has also improved at The Black Bog. The actors are more intense and in your face and very few ever break character. Overall the improvements The Black Bog has made are pretty astounding. The trail is better designed, the actors are better trained and it’s much scarier than it’s ever been.

What’s Bad About The Haunt?
Honestly there really isn’t much to complain about. The graveyard could use some low lying fog as well as syncronized lighting. A few of the wooden buildings could use some more detailing inside as well. This is a great haunted trail in almost every area.

Customer Service:
After you are done touring the haunts please make sure and visit their concession barn where you can purchase some tasty treats and get an ice cold pop. If you are touring The Black Bog you will exit into the concession barn. My only complaint is that it can be a little dangerous trying to avoid cars walking across the parking lot. The parking could be a bit more organized and safe.

$10 is a very reasonable price for a haunt of this quality. It’s one of the best haunted trails around and could raise their price a few dollars if they wanted to. A combo ticket for both The Black Bog and Springboro Haunted Hayride is only $18. That makes the price of admission only $9 per haunt which is a great deal.

Final Thoughts:
The Black Bog is one of the best haunted trails I’ve been to in years. Everything from the design to acting is first class. It will be interesting to see how it improves over the years since it’s already one of the best haunts Ohio has to offer. If you are in the Springboro area and are looking to get the pants scared off of you, then head on down to The Black Bog. Hopefully you won’t get lost in the fog.

Length-9     Design-9     Props/Animatronics-9     Acting-9     Scare Effect-9   
Official Score – 9.0

Fun Facts:
*A bog is wet, spongy ground, characterized by decaying mosses that form peat; a small marsh or swamp.