Springboro Haunted Hayride 2010 Review

Springboro Haunted Hayride-“Hell on Wheels”
Genre: Haunted Hayride
6070 Springboro Road
, OH
Runtime: 25-30 min
Website: www.springborohauntedhayride.com

Hayrides are much different than any haunt you’ll experience. The driver of the tractor is in control of your destiny while you’re sitting there waiting for the next scene or ghoul to emerge from the darkness. It’s one of the funnest experiences you’ll have during the fall season and definatley something you shouldn’t miss out on.

This is City Blood’s review of Springboro Haunted Hayride.

What’s Good About The Haunt?
Springboro Haunted Hayride is always one of the best hayrides in the state of Ohio. This year is no different. We were really looking forward to this year’s hayride and so were the people on board with us. It’s always fun seeing how people react to fear. Some laugh nervously, some scream in terror, while others are completely silent. One man was even cowaring in fear before the tractor was even moving. If you aren’t scared on a haunted hayride, you’ll for sure be entertained by the reactions of the people on board.

Scenes that most people expect from your typical hayride are present at Springboro. This includes a galloping headless horseman who lunges at passengers and various out of control vehicles and farm equipment such as a hearse and combine. The combine at Springboro is pretty unique since its blades resemble massive razor sharp teeth. The driver is even dressed as a crazed hillbilly as lights flash on and off inside. It’s unique and very memorable.

Springboro Haunted Hayride doesn’t follow a specific theme, but there are many scenes that most people will enjoy. You’ll experience everything from a twisted clown circus to a Quick Lube gas station that quickly becomes a raging inferno. For only $12 you get 30 minutes worth of entertainment with traditional scenes like a witch brewing a potion or a haunted church which is a bit out of the ordinary.

What’s Bad About The Haunt?
The biggest area that Springboro needs to work on is dead space. There were a few instances where there is complete silence and nothing happening except for crickets chirping. Some will enjoy this aspect because it creates tension while others will become a little frustrated waiting for something to happen. A few of the wooden facades are also a bit lackluster. They’re nice to look at, but the lighting could be improved and some of the actors could use a bit more training.

The most impressive props you’ll see at Springboro Haunted Hayride are farm machinery and various vehicles such as an old hearse that’s driven by a silver skeleton. Unfortunatley some of the decor doesn’t make much sense. This is the case with the scarecrows in the cornfield. They look like real scarecrows, but have 3 red led eyes which makes no sense. The last time I checked, most scarecrows have two. This is a small detail that could easily be fixed. Overall there isn’t much that needs to be fixed to make this haunt a 9.0 or higher.

Customer Service:
After you are done touring the haunts please make sure and visit their concession barn where you can purchase some tasty treats and get an ice cold pop. If you are touring The Black Bog you will exit into the concession barn. My only complaint is that it can be a little dangerous trying to avoid cars while walking across the parking lot. The parking could be a bit more organized and safe.

$12 is the going rate for haunted hayrides in Ohio.  For only $18 you purchase a combo ticket for both Springboro Haunted Hayride and The Black Bog. Please make sure to print out City Blood’s Killer Coupon for a $1 off coupon on Friday nights.

Final Thoughts:
Springboro Haunted Hayride has made some great improvements that loyal customers will notice right away. It’s longer, has plenty of pyro and a great cast of enthusiast actors that won’t stop until you’re screaming in pure terror. Springboro Haunted Hayride is one of those haunts that you can bring the entire family to while watching them laugh and scream at the same time. It’s a fun haunt and one you shouldn’t miss out on this Halloween season.

Length-10     Design-8     Props/Animatronics-8    Acting-7     Scare Effect-8
Official Score – 8.2

Fun Facts:
*The Junkyard scene is called BD’s Junkyard. It’s named after owner Bill Danishek.