Night Creepers Haunted House 2009 Review

Night Creepers Haunted House is the only real haunted house at Spooktacular Nights and is pretty enjoyable. I was expecting a little more based on my experience on the hayride, but I still had a smile on my face as I exited the haunt.
Length-7: Night Creepers Haunted House will take you between 10-13 minutes to complete. It’s pretty action packed and the first scene will take a few minutes. But it’s a pretty unique scene so that’s ok.
Design-7: This haunt is pretty standard when it comes to rooms, but there are a few unique things you will experience in some standout scenes. This is especially the case with the opening scene. You will be greeted by a bald ghoul who gets up close and in your face. Suddenly He takes a box out to reveal a mouse and asks if you want to kiss him. And if you do He laughs in an intimidating manor before He takes out his second box which has nothing in it. I won’t give everything away in this unique scene, but I can tell you that it’s pretty intense. Other scenes include a graveyard, a laboratory/hospital, a funeral service and much more. Unfortunately a western inspired scene wasn’t working properly that night and we missed it totally. 
Props/Animatronics-7: I can’t say there was too much that was extremely memorable. But the props that decorated scenes were realistic for the most part. This include realistic tombstones, lab equipment, living room decor, corpses etc. After going through the haunted hayride Night Creepers Haunted House had a lot to live up to with its decor since there were just so many unique animatronics during the hayride.
Acting-8: If it wasn’t for the actor in the opening scene the acting wouldn’t have been ranked as high. I just wish that there were more actors like this throughout the entire haunt. Because if there were Night Creepers Haunted would just be incredible. Most of the actors you encounter are good, but could be more intense.
Scare Effect-8: The actor who played the deranged zombie/ghoul in the opening scene was pretty impressive to say the least. He always stayed in character and while He seems jolly He’ll eventually turn on you and it’s pretty scary when He does. You’ll know what I mean when you visit Night Creepers Haunted House. The rest of the haunt does have some surprising moments such as the funeral room where you are made to kneel before the dead. What happens next may catch you off guard.
Customer Service: The staff at Spooktacular Nights is very helpful, warm and welcoming. The parking is free, but the ground can be a mud pit if it rains hard. There are plenty of concessions available and even a Halloween store after you exit the Family Fun House. If you are not into the scary stuff please make sure and check out their pumpkin festival during the day. It’s a great event for the family.
Fright Value: For only $16 you can purchase a combo ticket to experience every haunt or a $12 combo ticket that includes your choice of a haunt and the Family Fun House. You would be a fool to not purchase the $16 combo ticket where you can experience everything at the farm. Where else can you find a deal like that? It’s just insane.
Final Stab-7.4: Night Creepers Haunted House has some pretty unique and intense scenes. This is easily the second best haunt at Spooktacular Nights and is well worth your time. So if you are in Columbia Station Ohio please make sure and check out Night Creepers Haunted House and everything else at Spooktacular Nights.