Family Fun House 2009 Review

Family Fun House-“Lights The Glorious Lights”
The Family Fun House is an alternative to the other frightening haunts at Spooktacular Nights. It’s great for families, but the older crowd will be disappointed. Either way you should check it out.

Length-6: The Family Fun House will take around 5 minutes before you have to exit, but you can enter as many times as you’d like. There are many dead spots since this haunt is just a traditional carnival style fun house.

Design-5: There really isn’t much to the design of Family Fun House. It’s mostly brightly colored scenes, flashing lights, objects hanging from the ceiling and various carnival inspired rooms you would find in an old fun house from way back when.

Props/Animatronics-4: There really isn’t too much that stands out since this haunt just relies on visuals instead of high impact animatronics. There are a few props that may catch your attention such as some moving clown dummies. The addition of a fast moving vortex tunnel or some clown themed animatronics would make this haunt more exciting. More could be done.

Acting-4: There really aren’t many actors inside Family Fun House since this haunt is family friendly. It’s meant to be a place where kids and their parents can go and not have to worry about anything that may scar their little ones for life.

Scare Effect-4: Family Fun House isn’t meant to scare you, but rather entertain you. It’s kind of fun going through rooms with flashing lights, bells hanging from the ceiling and just being mesmerized by all the bright paint that’s been splashed on the walls.

Customer Service:The staff at Spooktacular Nights is very warm and welcoming. The parking is free, but can be quite muddy depending on how wet the ground is. So please wear appropriate clothing for an event like this. There are plenty of concessions as well as a Halloween store. During the day Spooktacular Nights has an entertaining Pumpkin Festival with live shows, petting farm and more.

Fright Value: The Family Fun House is absolutely free with the purchase of any ticket. So while it’s not very scary, it’s still free and you can enter as many times as you would like to. You can’t beat that.

Final Stab-4.6: This is a traditional fun house with very few scary elements. Parents who have kids who are too frightened of the other attractions should let them go through the Family Fun House. They’ll have a great time.