Insanity Chaos Attraction 2009 Review

Insanity Chaos Attraction-“Insanity Is Only The Beginning”

The night we toured the haunts at ScreamPark was on their first ever media night . We had 3 haunts to choose from and we decided to tour Insanity Chaos Attraction second because it looked like one of the better haunts at ScreamPark just from the looks of the facade. I expected mostly a chain link fence maze with a variety of different scenes thrown into the mix and that’s what I pretty much got.

Length-8: Depending how long you take navigating through the chain link fence maze full of the mentally insane, it may take 10-20 minutes to exit. Insanity Chaos Attraction is full of intense scenes and actors that are ready to attack.
Design-7: By the looks of the facade for Insanity Chaos Attraction you can tell right away that much of this haunt is going to center around a chain link fence maze and for the most part it does. The first part of your journey through madness involves a rather confusing maze that has been taken over my inmates and mental hospital paitents.
There are a few routes you can choose to take and should be able to escape withing 5 minutes or more depending on how good you are navigating through haunted mazes. The rest of the haunt consists of different rooms centering around the convict/mental paitent theme. This is a well designed haunt, but more variety and detailing in rooms would help greatly.
Props/Animatronics-7: This haunt isn’t full of animatronics costing thousands of dollars, but there are a few impressive props that will catch your eye. One in particular is the brand new Asylum Door from Pale Night Productions. You’ll suddenly walk past a door where you’ll see an insane asylum patient walking down a hallway through the door’s glass window. Suddenly she takes out an axe and proceeds to hit the glass window leaving a large crack. She’s not finished yet. Suddenly she strikes the door on both sides leaving large dents as she screams in anger while she beats on the glass again. This is a unique prop that combines both CGI and an animatronic.
Unfortunately it’s off to the side where I saw a few people easily pass by it without a second look. An animatronic costing nearly $4,000 needs to be near an entrance where it would be nearly impossible for a customer to miss. There are far too many times where I saw an impressive prop at ScreamPark that was either off to the side or not properly placed in a scene.
Towards the end of Insanity Chaos Attraction you’ll exit out of a spinning vortex tunnel which is a pretty unique way of leaving a haunt. The only negative I can see is that I was able to see into the waiting area outside of the haunts because of a large opening in the ceiling. This could easily be fixed though. Overall there is some good decor, but there needs to be some improvements made.
Acting-8: The actors in this haunt are truly twisted and are out of their minds. I always felt uneasy as I made it though this haunt because the actors never break character and seem as if they are truly insane. Rather it be a little girl who clings to her stuffed animal as she stears at you aimlessly or a mental patient who shakes a chain link fence, you are going to be in for a wild ride.
Scare Effect-7: The scariest element of Insanity Chaos Attraction is its confusing chain link fence maze at the beginning of the tour. It can be a little unnerving trying to find your way out as mental patients block various exits. Once you think you found your way out you are wrong. Most of this haunt is inhabited by killers, skitzo franics and those who want to play with severed body parts.
Customer Service: When we arrived we were a little unsure of where to park, so we parked at the nearby bar/nightclub. It was also a bit difficult finding the haunt since you have to walk a little to spot the building and will need to walk down an alley to enter ScreamPark. More signs need to be posted at nearby businesses so people aren’t confused where to go. The staff at ScreamPark couldn’t be any nicer. They are very helpful in answering questions and are always there to assist you. It’s a very organized haunt with people that really like what they are doing.
Fright Value: With ScreamPark being only $15 a ticket, each haunt costs only $5 per person. If you are looking to have a night full of insane actors and intense scenes then you can’t go wrong with ScreamPark and Chaos Insanity Attraction.
Final Stab-7.4: Insanity Chaos Attraction is a pretty intense haunt that combines the elements of a chain link fence maze with the various themed rooms of a regular haunted house. Out of the 3 haunts at ScreamPark, this is second best due to its crazy characters and confusing maze.