Screamers Haunted House 2008 Review

Screamers Haunted House-It’s A Real Scream”
When we first arrived we were a little unsure if we were at the right location or not. But then I remembered that Screamers Haunted House took place in a recreational center. After we entered the first scene we knew for sure that this was a quality haunt from beginning to end.

Length-8: Your tour through this creepy haunted house will take between 10 and 12 minutes to exit. There are very few dead spots and always something around the next corner to startle you.

Design-9: Once you enter Screamers you’ll notice right away that this haunt resembles an old and decrepit house. There are holes in the walls while wall paper has been stained and the interior has been aged. This is a perfect example of a relatively unknown haunt taking detailing to the extreme. The lighting used in many of the rooms also highlights the variety of frightening scenes. Great lighting brings scenes to life and this is the case at Screamers Haunted House. Scenes you’ll experience are a clown house, a hospital full of cripples, a hall made of skeletal remains and much more. When we first arrived we weren’t expecting a haunt this professional in a recreational center, but we were dead wrong.

Props/Animatronics-8: While there isn’t an abundance of high tech props, the props available perfectly fit with the rooms you’ll enter. Heads line walls while a large authentic looking horse carriage can be seen in one of the detailed rooms. You’ll be impressed by Screamers use of unique props that really add to many of the spooky rooms.

Acting-8: Screamers has some great actors that have one mission in mind and that’s to scare the living day lights out of you. Yes, they may have a lot of child actors playing many of the creepy characters, but they are great in the roles they play and don’t over act. These are a unique cast of characters you’ll face at Screamers to say the least.

Scare Effect-9: Screamers Haunted House doesn’t contain graphic skits or actors that try to be intimidating instead of scary. This haunt has a perfect blend of bone chilling scenery with characters only the sick and twisted could conjure up. You’ll have a frightening good time if you let yourself believe that what you’re experiencing is real and at any minute you may be their next victim.

Fright Value: The admission price for Screamers is $10 and for the most part that’s a pretty good deal for a haunt of this caliber. Make sure and print yourself out a  $2 off coupon at

Final Stab-8.4: We were honestly not expecting much when we arrived at Screamers Haunted House due to where it was located. Whenever a haunt is held in a recreational center or a sports complex, it never seems as if it’s scary or worth visiting. But this is absolutely not the case with Screamers Haunted House. It’s a very detailed, unique and overall bone chilling haunt that haunt goers are sure to enjoy. Make sure and take a trip out to Screamers Haunted House because you surely won’t be disappointed.