Nightmare on Edgewood 2019 Review

Nightmare on Edgewood (Indianapolis, IN)
“Hands on Horror”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Nightmare on Edgewood has roots dating back to 1978 and it has gained somewhat of a cult following over the years. It’s one of Indiana’s most intense haunts and this year it shares the same building as House of Trepidation. Nightmare on Edgewood and House of Trepidation are polar opposites. Nightmare on Edgewood is an up close in your face hands on experience while House of Trepidation is a theatrical haunt that focuses more on story and atmosphere. When we arrived it was packed.

We knew we were in for something special when one of the the first things we see is a haunted hearse near the ticket booth. A massive Grim Reaper rises from the roof of a hearse as he grabs a hold of a victim that’s being pulled down by a pair of demon hands. It’s very dramatic and a show stopper if I must say so. Nightmare on Edgewood is a haunt where you should expect the unexpected. This is a haunt where you’re fresh meat that’s ready to be pulverized.

You’ll experience 4 uniquely different attractions. This includes The Cabin, Edgewood Sanitarium, The Dark Carnival, The Purge and Shadows Escape. Shadows Escape isn’t included in the regular ticket price. It’s five dollars extra and you must have a ticket to Nightmare on Edgewood. We unfortunately didn’t experience this one of a kind 3D sensory overload attraction. It’s pretty amazing and a must see from what we hear. You’ll go one on one with your deepest darkest fears. Will you survive?

Nightmare on Edgewood is one of those haunts where we consider each attraction a section that comes together to form one big haunted adventure that’s pretty unforgettable. We’re going to do our best to not give everything away, but we’re definitely going to talk about some of the highlights. Nightmare on Edgewood is a very creative haunt that has rooms and special effects you don’t see at every haunted attraction.

Inside The Dark Carnival is a room that I was confused about at first until I looked up. There was a metal claw slowly moving and apparently I was part of a massive claw game. It was a wild ride to say the least. The floor beneath me collapsed and the people I was grouped with screamed at the top of their lungs. It was memorable and somewhat scary. There are many memorable props at Nightmare on Edgewood. This includes a dizzying vortex tunnel where you might get a little nauseous as you spin around and around and around. Squeeze through a tight claustrophobia tunnel and be sure to look around each corner of Nightmare on Edgewood. You never know what’s lurking in the shadows.

Nightmare on Edgewood has a plethora of scenes that are interactive. The laser swamp is thick with haze and there’s a massive crocodile that will make you his evening snack. The elevator is one of the most realistic we’ve seen to date and there are plenty of actors that will grab a hold of you while you’re admiring a scene. They’ll attack you whenever they damn well please.

I was pushed onto a couch, had a knife placed against my throat and I witnessed a man being picked up and carried away by a killer clown. If you have a fear of clowns or what’s known as Coulrophobia then you’re in for a real treat. The Dark Carnival is full of psychotic clowns and lots of detail. The hazardous waste zone was beautiful. Toxic waste flowed from barrels and everything glowed. I almost felt like I had been exposed to some radiation, but thankfully I was wrong. The broken down arcade has some true sickos and the terror doesn’t end until you make it to the parking lot.

There are plenty of the mentally insane that are hiding inside Nightmare on Edgewood and they’re ready to poke and prod you. Edgewood Sanitarium is home to Schizophrenics, demented doctors, killer nurses and plenty of terrifying patients. Don’t let the surgeons operate on you or it might take your last breath.

You might think that you made it out alive, but you would be wrong. There’s another small attraction called “The Purge” and it reminds me a little of the 2013 movie with the same name. It somewhat resembles a junkyard with chainsaw maniacs, the criminally depraved and more. These are the people that hide in dark alleys that want to torture and kill you and your loved ones. It’s pure armageddon.

Total tour time for Nightmare on Edgewood was around 18 minutes. Each haunt has its own detailed facade. We honestly don’t have many complaints when it comes to this attraction. There are various concessions available including snacks, T-Shirts, soda and much more. We could smell the popcorn popping. General admission is $25, Fast Pass is $35, Shadows Escape is $5 and a Nightmare on Edgewood and House of Trepidation combo is $40. Lights Out is on November 9th and all you have is a glow stick to help you see in the pitch black darkness. Visit for all the details on their special events like Lights Out. This includes pricing, dates, hours and more.

Nightmare on Edgewood is a haunt that makes us nervous because we know how insane the actors are. It’s their job to make your skin crawl. This is a haunt that takes no prisoners and one that we would hate to miss out on.

Length-8  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-8  Scare Effect-9

Final Stab: 8.6