Nightmare on Valley Street 2010 Review

Nightmare on Valley Street-“Will You Make It Out Alive?”
Genre: Haunted Trail
Location: 4300 Valley St
Dayton, OH 45424
Runtime: 25-30 min

Nightmare on Valley Street returns for its 8th year of being one of Ohio’s largest haunted trails. When we arrived we didn’t know what to expect for its 2nd night of operation. The last time we toured the haunt was 2 years ago and in 2008 we were pretty pleased with what we had experienced. Would we have the same experience in 2010 or would we walk away craving more?

This is City Blood’s 2010 review of Nightmare on Valley Street.

What’s Good About The Haunt?
Nightmare on Valley Street is a very long haunt that easily lasts 30 minutes. There are well over 50 actors that roam the trail waiting to pounce on the next person who comes their way. Along the way you’ll be treated with some out of the ordinary scenes like a ghoul hanging upside down from a rope or a tall grim reaper who magically comes to life. This is a classic haunted trail that will put you on the edge of your seat.

Nightmare on Valley Street features many scenes from a car chase to a reenactment of a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There’s something for everyone.

What’s Bad About The Haunt?
There are quite a few elements that Nightmare on Valley Street needs to work on. The most noticeable is their lighting. The majority of the trail is dimly lit with Halloween lights and many scenes incorporate strobe lights or black lights. This is due to the trail being limited on how much electric it can use.

There are some creative scenes, but a few of them look like they were put together at the last second with props randomly scattered throughout a room. This year’s maze that’s near the end of the trail was much easier to navigate and could use more twists, turns and dead ends to make it more difficult.

As far as the actors go, there are plenty of them, but quite a few of them are wearing black hoodies or costumes that don’t reflect their character. At one point I was chased by Jason Vorhees who ran at me with a chainsaw. This made no sense at all since Jason has never used a chainsaw in the Friday The 13th movies. This would make much more sense if the scene was from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

With some improvements Nightmare on Valley Street could be a really good haunted trail.

Customer Service:
Sometimes you visit a haunt where the staff obviously doesn’t want to be there, but this isn’t the case with Nightmare on Valley Street. The crew is extremely nice and makes sure everything runs just right. The parking attendants are also very organized and know exactly where to park your car. Their concession area has some great food and refreshments.

$12 isn’t an outrageous price for a haunted trail, but it could be slightly cheaper. Make sure to print out their $2 coupon available on their website or use City Blood’s Killer Coupon available on this website.

Final Thoughts:
Nightmare on Valley Street is a fun haunted trail with some scenes that are out of the ordinary. This includes an actor hanging upside down from a rope, a rampaging car and some other surprises. Nightmare on Valley Street is a long haunt lasting close to 30 minutes. So if you are planning on touring a few haunted trails this season, don’t forget about Nightmare on Valley Street. It’s one of Ohio’s great haunted trails.

Length-10     Design-6     Props/Animatronics-6     Acting-7     Scare Effect-7
Official Score – 7.2   

Fun Facts:
Nightmare on Valley Street uses some of the props from the now closed Haunted Spook Coop in Waynesville, OH.