Netherworld Haunted House 2009 Review 2

Netherworld: Zombie Rampage-“The Transformation Has Begun.”
Just down the hill from Blood Night is Zombie Rampage. Zombie Rampage is the second attraction at Netherworld Haunted House and takes place in the lower floor of the Wholesale Carpet Mart. Every year Netherworld re themes their second attraction so it’s fresh and new for returning costumers. We purchased our tickets and walked in line.

The line was rather small since the majority of visitors were there for the main haunt Blood Night. Next to the line was an animatronic of a man puking in a steel barrel, a table with some spooky items such as a skull and an entertaining queue line video playing. Watch as owner Ben Armstrong gets his head blown to pieces. Netherworld has a huge cast of queue line actors, but the majority were on the upper level terrorizing the crowd waiting to get into Blood Night. We were pumped up and ready to experience Zombie Rampage. Will it live up to the hype the haunts at Netherworld have gotten over the years or will it just fall flat?

This is the review of Zombie Rampage at Netherworld Haunted House.

Length-6: Unfortunately it only takes around 7 minutes to exit Zombie Rampage. It’s a good haunt while it lasts, but you are left wanting more.

Design-8: Zombie Rampage is a well designed haunt that makes you feel as if you are part of a zombie movie where everyone has been mutated and infected. You’ll enter different scenes such as a nuclear wasteland, haunted laboratory, cockroach infestation, crawl through sewer drain and more.  

As you travel through the various scenes you will notice that many areas of Zombie Rampage have a strange sour smell to them. It’s still unknown whether scent dispensers are being used or it’s just the natural odors of the environment. Either way it adds another dimension to the haunt and helps create a more realistic experience. This is an entertaining second attraction at Netherworld, but pales in comparison to Blood Night. More could be done with this haunt and if done properly, the ticket price could be increased.

Props/Animatronics-7: Zombie Rampage has a variety of well themed props that go perfectly with the nuclear waste land/laboratory theme. These include falling barrels, an animated chained up victim, large sewer drains, lab equipment, projected cock roaches and more. While Zombie Rampage pales in comparison to the vast amount of high tech scares found in Blood Manor, it’s still an enjoyable haunt none the less.

Acting-8: The actors inside Necrotech Labs are crazy beyond belief. These include crazed inmates, infected zombies that have been re animated, hospital patients, innocent effected by radiation and more. There aren’t many stand out characters, but the entire cast is pretty convincing in the roles they play.

Scare Effect-8: Zombie Rampage is a fast paced and frantic haunt. The actors are up close and personal and the set design can sometimes be downright creepy. Unfortunately the haunt is too short to leave a great lasting impression on customers. This haunt has a lot of potential, but more than likely it will be rethemed for 2010.

Customer Service: The staff at Netherworld is very organized and couldn’t be any friendlier. There is a small gift shop near the entrance of Blood Night. You’ll be able to purchase water bottles, t-shirts, a bobble head and even a Zombie Rampage Energy Drink that is part of the storyline on Netherworld’s website and queue line video. The parking is completely free and safe as well. Parking attendants showing customers where to park would help though. Unfortunately there aren’t any booths set up that serve food or drinks, but hopefully there are a variety of food and drinks available during October.

Fright Value: The only way you can experience Zombie Rampage is if you purchase a combo ticket for $25. That makes this haunt only $5. While this is an incredible deal, some people may be put off by the $5 ticket price. Most of the time when a haunt charges $5, it’s low budget or charity. But this is far from the case with Zombie Rampage. It’s a high quality attraction that is well worth the price of admission. Hopefully people take advantage of the $25 combo ticket to experience both haunts.

Final Stab-7.4: Zombie Rampage is a fun experience, but there isn’t anything original or innovative about this haunt. Yes this haunt uses their Zombie Rampage Energy Drink as part of its storyline on the Netherworld website and queue line video, but it’s not really used effectively in the actual haunt. There aren’t many scenes that really stand out to make this a very memorable experience. When improvements are made this haunt will really be able to shine and stand on its own.

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