Mount Healthy Haunted Hall 2010 Review

Mount Healthy Haunted Hall-“Turning Terrifying 21”

Genre: Haunted House
Location: 7700 Seward Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45231
Runtime: 15 minutes

Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is a haunt that brings back fond memories of when I was a little kid. The spirit of Halloween is alive and well at this haunt and it just gets me in the mood for the fall season. The crowd was small the night we visited and I was glad. I would be able to take my time and walk alone in their famous dark maze. Would I make it out alive or would I become Bug Boy’s breakfast?
This is City Blood’s 2010 review of Mount Healthy Haunted Hall.
What’s Good About The Haunt?
Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is simply one of the most fun haunts in the Cincinnati area. While it doesn’t have high tech props or amazing sets, it’s created some unique scenes that you won’t see anywhere else in the tri-state area. Mount Healthy Haunted Hall has a variety of rooms like a werewolf forest, abandoned campground, Bates Motel shower scene, Satan’s domain, hall of mirrors and some scary surprises
One thing Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is known for is its classic dark maze. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very good at mazes, but over the years I’ve become better at finding my way out of Mount Healthy’s. The group behind me was freaking out since they had no clue how to find their way to the exit. If it’s your first time at Mount Healthy Haunted Hall you might be in there all night long. If you are a veteran you should be able to make it out in under 10 minutes.
What’s Bad About The Haunt?
There are a few things I’m not crazy for at Mount Healthy Haunted Hall. Some of the rooms are confusing to get out of since you’ll have to duck underneath door flaps and even crawl on your hands and knees. In a few scenes some of the actors weren’t ready when I walked in and it totally ruined the room. This happened with the werewolf forest. You’ll enter into a dark tent where a young victim is on the ground being mauled by a vicious werewolf while on top of leaves. Before I entered the tent I could see the young actor outside before he walked into the tent to to let the other actor know that I was coming.
Mount Healthy Haunted Hall has always been known for their great homemade vortex tunnel. It’s always been as good as any vortex tunnel you could buy on the market. But this year it uses green fabric instead of traditional blue fabric. This little change has made their classic vortex tunnel less effective.
Customer Service:
It’s like one big happy family at Mount Healthy Haunted Hall. The staff is happy to be there and there’s a very good vibe about the place. After you are done finding your way out of the dark maze, make sure to visit their concession stand with some of the most reasonable snacks and drinks around. Where else can you purchase a cup of hot chocolate for well under a dollar?
Ten dollars is a bit high for a charity haunt and the coupon available is only good for the first weekend. So please make sure to bring a canned good to get two dollars off admission
Final Thoughts:
Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is always one of the most enjoyable haunts around. There’s something truly special about this haunt that has become a tradition for many families. It might not have the biggest budget, but it has something else that makes it special. It has a staff that is there to create an enjoyable experience benefiting charity. When you get a chance, drive to Mount Healthy Haunted Hall and bring a friend or two. Hell, bring your whole family for a spooky good time.
Length-8    Design-7    Props/Animatronics-7    Acting-6    Scare Effect-7
Official Score – 7.0
Fun Facts:
*The path is of the Dark Maze is changed through the season and is brand new every year.