Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall 2008 Review

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall-“Welcome To Your Doom”

One of the haunts we look forward to every year is Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall. They might not have the largest budget or the fanciest sets and props. But they are an entertaining haunt that is consistent from year to year. This is the review of Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall.

Length-8: This year’s tour has been extended with brand new scenes and of course the most difficult dark maze in the state of Ohio. Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall lasts between 10-15 minutes. But you may be at this haunt longer depending on how well you navigate through the dark maze.
Design-8: This year new scenes have been added to this classic charity haunt. One of our favorites is the brand new funeral parlor scene that has you waiting in a dark room where you speak with the funeral director. Then you’ll proceed into the actual funeral service where animated mannequins turn their bodies while a couple actors are hidden within the scene.
The out door areas have also been improved since they are now covered with army netting to give off the appearance of being in a jungle. There are many new surprises, but I won’t give them away. Scenes returning this year include Satan’s Lair, the Bates Motel, an intense Hellevator ride and much more. Every year our favorite part of Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is the infamous dark maze.
Every week the path is changed to make it a dark and more frightening experience. This year the maze had one of the most difficult paths we’ve encountered. Time after time we found the exit, but it was blocked off so you weren’t able to leave. Next time I’ll tear that sucker down.
Props/Animatronics-7: Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall prides itself on having strictly homemade animatronics. For years this haunt was one of the few to have a vortex tunnel until other charity haunts such as St. Rita started building their own. But you would be shocked out how professional this vortex tunnel is due to its fast speed and quality fabric being used. Mt. Healthy has a few other animated scares such as a pop up snake crate, animated mannequins, a moving floor, an intense Hellevator and much more.
Acting-7: The acting is slightly better this year, but doesn’t warrant an extra point in this category. Most of the actors you’ll come in contact with are children and this doesn’t help create a scary experience. But the children actors who don’t have lines and just emerge from painting or hidden areas will startle you. The best actor of the night goes to Satan who dwells in the haunted Hellevator. Because of this Hellevator being homemade the actor must stomp up and down to create the effect of it going out of control. At the end of the night this guy must be exhausted.
Scare Effect-8: Most of Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall isn’t very scary until you enter the amazingly difficult dark maze. We’ve been to plenty of Dark Mazes of the years, but Mt. Healthy’s is always one of the most difficult we come across. There are just so many different paths you can take that it becomes bewildering. Add a couple groups of people inside the building and it becomes a mad house.
Numerous times we found the exit, but unfortunately the creators weren’t ready to let us free. So we were essentially stuck in the maze for 20 minutes before the flap was open.  If you have family or friends who want to have some frightful family fun this season take them down to Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall.
Fright Value: $10 is way too high for a charity haunt on a low budget. It’s a fun experience, but not worth the price of admission. Please make sure and bring a canned good with you for a $2 off discount.
Final Stab-7.6: Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is one of the better charity haunts in Cincinnati, OH. It has some homemade animatronics you wouldn’t expect and one of the toughest dark mazes around. Make a trip out to Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall this season for a night of scares and Halloween fun.