Haunted Mirror Maze 2008 Review

Haunted Mirror Maze-“Reflections of Madness”
New this year at The Factory of Terror is the Haunted Mirror Maze. The line for this haunt was surprisingly long considering that this is the first year for this attraction. But when you consider that you can purchase a combo ticket for $20 to enter both haunts, you realize why there are so many people showing up for this attraction. Before we entered we were given clear plastic gloves to wear so we weren’t able to put smudges on the mirrors and let people know which is a mirror. We were ready to be scared, but were we?

Length-7: Depending on how well you navigate around the various mirrors, it may take up to 10 minutes to find the exit. Unfortunately we were out within 5 minutes without one hold up.

Design-7: This is a unique attraction to say the least, but there isn’t much going on to be honest with you. 100% of the maze consists of mirrors while occasionally lights will flash on and off while being accompanied by creepy music. We were able to navigate our way out within 5 minutes.

Props-7: If you consider the mirrors themselves as props then you won’t be let down by the Haunted Mirror Maze. But the addition of some possibly carnival themed props to fit the mirror maze theme would help this haunt immensely.

Acting-5: The star of the show is the confusing mirrors. Unfortunately there are only a few actors who roam around the mirror maze and only serve as a distraction while you try to escape the madness. More actors need to be incorporated into the Haunted Mirror Maze before this haunt is taken to the next level.

Scare Effect-6: The level of fear you experience solely depends on how well you navigate through the mirror maze. But for the most part it’s a fun experience, but not frightening the least bit.

Fright Value: $10 is very pricey considering that all this attraction consists of is carnival style mirrors that have been assembled to create a maze. If more actors were thrown into the mix and the path was harder to navigate, it would be worth the price of admission. Please make sure and take advantage of the $20 combo where you can go through Factory of Terror and Haunted Mirror Maze for $5 less.

Final Stab-6.4: I was expecting much more than I got from the Haunted Mirror Maze. I’ve seen small mirror mazes at other haunts, but nothing to the extent of this. But unfortunately I walked away disappointed with thoughts of what could have been. With time and effort this haunt could become better. But right now it pales in comparison to Factory of Terror.