A Day at MHC ’06

A Day at MHC
By Noah (AKA Jolly Pumpkin)

The Midwest Haunters Convention was held July 14-16 and we decided to make a visit to this annual convention that Saturday. Throughout the convention there were seminars, workshops, social activities, a tradeshow and much more. But I was really interested in the trade show and the Monster Makeup Wars. For the most part I left happy. We left for Columbus around 1:30 and made it to the Hyatt Regency Hotel a little past 3. Inside the hotel, there were signs and arrows pointing the way to the tradeshow.

We first checked out the various flyers and promotional items different haunts and companies were offering. We then entered the doors of the tradeshow and checked out all the different booths. Everything from props to glow in the dark bubbles were on display. Various actors and owners roamed throughout the floors and I had to get some pictures taken with a few of the performers. There were around 45 vendors on display and different seminars and workshops inside the hotel, but I could only afford the trade show which was of course free. We walked around the trade show a couple times and then waited a while till the Monster Makeup Wars was about to begin.

It was about 3:45 and the competition started a little past 4:30; so we decided to get a bite to eat at the food court downstairs. Of course we came across some ghouls all decked out in makeup and costume wanting to get some grub too. We got something to drink and after we were finished it was a little past 4:00. We walked around the tradeshow once more and then it was only a couple minutes before we could get seated for the event.

Well, it was time and we took our seats. The place was surprising empty, but it would soon fill up with haunters. The competition was Mc’ d by Chuck Williams (Actor), Crazy Bob Turner (Haunted Hydro) and Kelly Collins (Terror Park). While Kelly Collins and Bob Turner were decent, Chuck Williams was just plain annoying. It was like watching an Elvis impersonator trying to be funny, but fail miserably. He’s one of those people that thinks everyone thinks he’s cool when people wish he would just shut up.

The competition consisted of 5 teams. These teams consisted of mostly actors and their makeup artists. There was one actor from Dead Acres who competed and of course, the infamous Rex B. Hamilton. Each team was given a bag of supplies which they had to use to come up with creative makeup for their model. The teams were judged by four people based on different categories and after the hour was up, the winner would be revealed. The winner would be awarded a plaque with their name engraved. Well, the clock ticked and ticked until finally the hour was up. Everyone was judged and the winner was finally revealed. Rex B. Hamilton was awarded a plaque for the 2006 Monster Makeup Wars champion.

At 9:00, they were having a masquerade party and would announce who would win the title of Miss Scary Midwest and award others based on there costumes. We weren’t going to stay for that, but we did visit the Halloween store many of the attendees were going to for their costume needs later that night. It was called The Yankee Trader and to be honest, I wasn’t impressed. But overall I did enjoy the Midwest Haunters Convention and I plan to attend next year.