Mayhem Mansion 2014 Review

The Mayhem Mansion
“History Has A Haunted Past”
By Noah Wullkotte:

A mansion from history’s past sits quietly waiting for its next victim to consume. Morning View, Kentucky can be a very dark and scary place when the sun goes down and the creatures of the night emerge. Enter through an old window and pray that you survive the madness that awaits you.

Relive the story of Robert Haverford and his untimely demise. Enter a house that has a dark past with a history of murder, suicide and unimaginable heart break. This is a very aggressive haunt. Actors will scream in your face, pull at your clothes and will assault your senses.

There are hidden doors, passageways, tight hallways and realistic scenes that are quite haunting. This haunt is full of fright and you’re not going to see a single animatronic. Animatronics aren’t necessary for this haunt because it would ruin the atmosphere they’re trying to create. It’s a dark and mysterious haunt that takes place in 1933 when prohibition was just ending.

Little details here and there will make you feel like you’re in a different time period. The theater features a poster of the old Marx Brothers comedy “Animal Crackers”. Many of the actors wear old clothing that was typical of the 1930’s. It’s a realistic haunt in the sense that it feels like a horror story that slowly develops after each room you enter.

There are plenty of scenes that are sure to get a rise out of you. Keep quiet as you walk through the library and you might escape. The sewing room would appear to be a calm and peaceful place. But watch out or that woman might stab you with one of her sewing needles. The bar has a special brand of alcohol. It’s called poison. You must take a shot of poison or you’re not allowed to exit. I was the unfortunate one who took a sip. It tasted like spoiled black licorice.

Before you enter Mayhem Mansion, please remember to watch the short video on the projection screen. It explains the back-story of the haunt and you’ll have a better understanding of the scenes you’re about to experience. There are plenty of spooky rooms such as Elizabeth’s Funeral Wake, a body bag chamber, a makeshift laboratory and so much more.

The total experience lasted 21 minutes. We were with a group of girls who were scared out of their minds. They had never been to a haunt like this and it was great to see their reactions. This is a scary haunt with actors coming at you from every direction. Some even hang from the ceiling and one twists his body as he plays the piano. Before you enter, you’ll be creeped out by how intimidating the mansion is. It truly looks haunted.

After you survived Mayhem Mansion, you’ll walk a little to enter Haverford’s Hollow Trail. This is a high quality attraction that focuses on its actors who are great at interacting with customers. The trail is dimly lit. The scenes aren’t highly detailed, but they’re definitely interesting. The loud sound of a train horn will make you jump a mile.

Hillbillies have taken over this land and they’re not too kind of trespassers. This haunt is just as physical as Mayhem Mansion. The actors are intimidating as well. I was pushed by one crazed hillbilly and a priest even tried to baptize me. You’ll meet the sheriff, the barber, inbred hill folk, a priest, Remus and more.

I’m here to say that I’ve never seen a more convincing hillbilly than Remus. This actor lives and breathes the role. Remus stands in front of a general store while holding a shotgun and offering customers real moonshine. Purchase something or you might receive a blast from his boom stick. This is an amazing character that you have to see for yourself.

Haverford’s Hollow Trail was over 20 minutes long. But the time it takes really depends on how long Remus interacts with you. Without Remus, the trail is closer to 15 minutes. So time varies greatly on how long the final scene lasts. Remus really steals the show and can go on forever while he entertains a group. The acting is great, but there are some characters that are too similar to one another. This is mostly the younger hillbilly characters who talk about moonshine. Some of the scenes could be more lively as well. The church could feature moving church bells, music and more.

General admission is $14 for Mayhem Mansion and $10 for Haverford’s Hollow Trail. This is a $2 increase per attraction. It’s $8 for ages 10 and under. You can enter the haunts again for $5 a piece or $8 for both. Fast Passes are $5 extra per attraction or $8 extra for both. A combo ticket is $20 and $26 for a Fast Pass Combo. On Saturday November 8th, Mayhem Mansion will have their Extreme Night which promises to be one of the most over the top experiences you’ve had at a haunted attraction. You’re not going to want to miss this event.

Profits from both attractions go towards the Boone County FOP which lets underprivileged children receive Christmas gifts. The program is called Shop with a Cop. There are concessions available on-site like hoodies, beanies and more. I bought myself a high quality beanie for only $10. Hoodies are $25 a piece.

Mayhem Mansion and Haverford’s Hollow Trail are great attractions and they’re easy to find. It’s about a 20 minute drive from downtown Cincinnati. They’re haunts that focus on great acting and interesting scenes.

*The Mayhem Mansion
Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9  Final Stab: 8.4

*Haverford’s Hollow Trail
Length-9  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-9  Scare Effect-9  Final Stab: 8.2