Massacre Meadows Story

Massacre Meadows
“A Night To Remember”
By Noah (AKA Jolly Pumpkin)

There once was a haunt in Dayton by the name of Bloody Mary’s Massacre Meadows. It looked interesting enough by the pictures on its website, but who would know. It was a tough call whether to go or not, but you have to take risks. So a few people and I decided to go and visit and boy were we in for a night.

It was October 5th, 2003 and we had decided to go and visit Bloody Mary’s Massacre Meadows. It was a Thursday and we had a coupon for half off the admission. So it was well worth taking a risk and driving up to Dayton. Well, we got ready, got in the car and started to drive up. Remember, we’ve visited many haunts in Dayton before, but this one seemed to be in the middle of nowhere as many are. We took side roads, dead ends and even stopped at a gas station for directions. We kept driving and driving and all of a sudden out of nowhere a big flashing tower could be seen glowing red as if guiding our way.

Well, we followed it and what do you know, we made it. The cheap plastic sign said Bloody Mary’s Massacre Meadows and we couldn’t believe that we had arrived. We drove up the gravel pit and noticed that there were a lot of people outside of the place as if they were the actors. We kept on driving up and we’re finally in the parking lot. Before there was a chance to get out of the car, we were stopped by an old woman in an old pickup.

She told us that they were closed and asked us where we were from. We told her we were from Cincinnati and she felt horrible. She suddenly yelled for Tom to come over. A tall overweight guy in overalls walked over towards us and we told him the situation on how we drove from Cincinnati for this haunt and couldn’t believe they were closed.

“Shit Happens”

Yes, We drove for 2 hours looking for this place and finally found it and he has the nerve to tell us

“Shit Happens”

They advertise on their site that they close at 12 am on Thursday and decide to close when we arrive at 10 p.m. Boy were we pissed, but what could we do?

A week had gone by and my friend Marcus and I were up in Dayton visiting some haunts. You have to understand that around every corner there’s a haunt in Dayton just calling your name. So we decided since we were up in Dayton, we might as well go to Bloody Mary’s Massacre Meadows. We had just got done visiting Slaughter Yard in Springfield and it was about 11:30, so we thought that we would make it in no time.

We started driving and what the hell; we can’t find this damn haunt once again. It’s now 11:45 and still no sign of it. The minutes pass by and still we can’t find it. And once again in the middle of nowhere, we see the same glowing tower in the distance. We drive and drive until we arrive. Thank God we made it. Marcus checked his watch and it was 12:01, but we weren’t really worried since there were people coming out of the haunt talking as if it was something really good. The week before this place looked abandon, but now there’s a huge big screen attached to the building, scary music running and it was exciting. So we walk up and ask if they were open? Can you guess what they say next?

“Sorry, We’re closed”

 Jesus Christ, not again. It’s 1 minute after 12. You’ve got to be kidding me. Well, once again they were closed and we were on our way back to Cincinnati.

One week later, we’re in Dayton once again and this time we are determined to go to this god forsaken haunt no matter what it takes. It was Thursday and again we had coupons for half off. Luckily we left early and showed up around 9:00.

What the hell, it’s crowded and it looks open. Was it open though? Finally after a month of trying they were and we finally got to see if it was as unprofessional as the people running it were. What do you know? It was pretty decent.

Yes, after almost a month of trying to visit this haunt, it ends up being just pretty decent.

One year later, I try finding info on Massacre Meadows, but it ends up that they change their name and location every year. Who the hell does that?