Malice Manor 2023 Review

Malice Manor (Clarksville, IN)
“Lord Rancor’s Revenge”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Two twelve foot skeletons tower over a DJ playing tunes. A thunder storm is brewing and a haunted manor beckons you to enter. It’s called Malice Manor and it’s home to demented killers, creatures and sights that will shock you.

Malice Manor is a unique haunt which makes it quite special. There aren’t many places that we go to where we’re attacked by a man eating shark or witness a mechanic being crushed by a car. It’s a frightening yet humorous haunt that doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. If you’re not scared then you’ll be laughing your head off at Malice Manor.

You’ll walk through a laundry room where it’s your choice whether to walk through the Wet Wash or Dry Cycle. If you pick the Wet Wash then you must walk through foamy bubbles that come from an overflowing washing machine. The bar tender in the tavern had us cracking up as we picked what drink we wanted. We ended up soaking wet. There are various hidden passageways at Malice Manor. The fireplace entrance was very cool. We had to duck underneath to make it out alive.

There’s a plethora of eye catching props at Malice Manor. Their air cannon is the most powerful that we’ve experienced. It nearly blew the beanie off of my head which shocked me. Other props include a skull fountain illuminated with red lighting, a wall full of body parts, an animated spider, a mermaid and so much more. There are some unique special effects. The smoke from the kitchen was unexpected.

We weren’t grabbed, pushed or shoved at Malice Manor. The actors are intense, but they rely on meaningful dialogue and their creepy presence. Some even use weapons. At a certain point we had to walk over a vibrating ramp and were then attacked by what looked like a cattle prod. The butcher in the butcher shop held a severed foot in his hand and proceeded to talk about how I had a foot fetish. There are a couple of new scenes and surprises this season, but I’m not going to give them away. You’re going to have to visit Malice Manor yourself to have a frightfully fun time.

Malice Manor is quickly becoming one of our favorite haunts in Indiana. It’s intense, creative and has just the right amount of humor. If you’re in the area then please don’t forget to check them out. You won’t regret it.

Length-8 Design-8 Props-8 Acting-9 Scare Effect-8

Final Stab: 8.2