Haunted Cave at Lewisburg 2007 Review

The Haunted Cave At Lewisburg”A Chilling Fright Filled Cave”

80 feet under the ground is a mysterious cave inhabited by ghouls, ghosts and unexplainable horror from beyond the grave. This is The Haunted Cave At Lewisburg, a unique haunting experience you won’t see anywhere else.

Length-9: It will take nearly 30 minutes to exit the cave depending on how well you navigate through the confusing dark mazes which await you.

Design-8: A haunted cave is one of the most unique settings you will come across and it can be quite creepy at times. This year you are on your own at The Haunted Cave At Lewisburg without a tour guide in sight. It’s a completely new experience walking the many paths only lit by candle light. Many parts of this year’s cave consist of a dimily lit graveyard with characters waiting to jump out at any minute. Some memorable scenes include a meat locker full of dangling body parts, a chain link maze controlled by Satan himself and a hill bill shoot out. While there are some new additions to this years haunt, I would like to see some improvements to the many dark mazes that take up space in the haunted cave.

Props/Animatronics-8: You won’t find many high end props at The Haunted Cave At Lewisburg, but they use unique effects to their full advantage. You’ll encounter shooting flames, splashing water, a loud shot gun fire, raging zombie pets and many homemade props along your way. Most of the props go perfectly with the cave setting.

Acting-7: The actors are very enthusiastic at The Haunted Cave at Lewisburg and due to it being a Jaycees haunt many of the actors are children. While some may be frightened by children screaming in the dark it doesn’t have a lasting effect on the majority of people. The best acting of the night of course goes to Satan as he taunts people trying to find their way out of his demented maze from Hell. Other stand out characters include the sea creatures who hide in the water waiting to jump out. Many of the actors stay in character, but sometimes rely too much on screaming or the use of chainsaws over actual acting.

Scare Effect-9: This year you will be stranded all alone in the deep dark cave without anyone besides the group you came with. It’s a dark and chilling experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else in Ohio besides at Lewisburg Haunted Cave. The new scenes and rooms are entertaining, but as always the spooky cave is the highlight of the haunt.

Fright Value: $10 is around the average price you’ll pay for admission to a haunt these days and The Haunted Cave at Lewisburg is worth your hard earned money. It’s a unique haunt you just have to experience for yourself.

Final Stab-8.2: This year’s version of The Haunted Cave At Lewisburg is an entirely different haunt since there is no guide in site. It’s dark, creepy and an experience like no other. If you are wanting to visit a different type of haunt this season, make sure to head down to Lewisburg, OH for The Haunted Cave At Lewisburg.