The Haunted Laboratory 2008 Review

The Haunted Laboratory is back and better than ever. Are you brave enough to experience 3 floors of fear and will you surivive the 50,000 volt Tesla Coil? This is The Haunted Laboratory and it doesn’t get much better than this.
Length-9: Your trip through The Haunted Laboratory will take between 20-25 minutes to complete. There is always something interesting to look at or someone who’s waiting to scare you on the 3 floors of fear.
Design-9: The Haunted Laboratory is the polar opposite of The Haunted School House when it comes to sets and rooms. This is a highly detailed haunt that takes more of a science fiction approach to many of its rooms. Scenes you’ll experience are a mad scientist’s lab, evil experiments gone wrong, twisting mazes, a massive wind tunnel and of course the world famous Tesla Coil cage. You have to see this to believe it. Every bit of The Haunted Laboratory has been hand crafted over the years to create a perfect mix of contemporary scenes with a modern twist.
Props/Animatronics-10: The Haunted Laboratory is full of high end animatronics and props that will keep you guessing if they are homemade or store bought. But you would be surprised to know that practically every piece of decor is hand crafted. The laboratory is littered with alien pods, twisted specimens and some animatronics you’ll only see at The Haunted Laboratory. But what makes this haunt different from others is their famous Tesla Coil. You may have seen a tesla coil at other haunts, but nothing comes close to what The Haunted Laboratory has. This Tesla Coil is 50,000,000 volts of pure electricity and makes the one used in the classic Frankenstein movie look small. On nights when the weather is perfect another Tesla Coil can be see on the roof of The Haunted Laboratory.
Acting-9: Just like with The Haunted School House, the acting is superb at The Haunted Laboratory. The actors are well hidden and their timing is perfect. The only problem we came across is that too many people are put through the haunt at once making it easy to miss scenes. This also makes it difficult for actors to get back into their hiding place to scare other groups of people. But overall the actors are spot on and realistic looking because of their use of detailed prosthetics and elaborate costumes.
Scare Effect-9: The Haunted Laboratory is world famous and for good reason. There is such a variety of frightening effects and scenes that have been perfectly crafted to scare customers and have them coming back for more.
Fright Value: $15 is a tad bit high for a single haunt admission. When you factor in that many families will be visiting this haunt, the costs start to add up. Please make sure and take advantage of the discounts available at
Final Stab-9.2: There are few haunts in Ohio that really capture the imagination of haunt goers, but The Haunted Laboratory is one of them. There’s something unique about walking past intricate sets that are roped off. It’s as if you are visiting an art gallery and are admiring priceless pieces of art that have been roped off for security reasons. This haunt seems to get better with age and as the years pass a new generation of haunt goers will experience The Haunted Laboratory like people did years ago.