The Haunted Laboratory 2007 Review

The Haunted Laboratory-“Evil Experiments Await You”

Ohio is home to many haunts both unique and different, but The Haunted Laboratory stands above the rest in many areas. Experience what many have come to love for the last 27 seasons. This is The Haunted Laboratory.

Length-10: It will take over 20 minutes to tour the 4 floors of fright at The Haunted Laboratory. There are very few dead spots and always something to jump out or visually impress you.

Design-10: The majority of this expansive haunt is modeled after a laboratory inhabited by alien creatures and mutated beings. You’ll come across some of the most detailed laboratory rooms anywhere. But what else would you expect from a haunt that used to actually be a school laboratory? Rooms you’ll enter are a mad scientist lab, laser light tunnel, Tesla coil cage and much more.

Props/Animatronics-10: The Haunted Laboratory consists of many high tech and impressive props. The eye candy you’ll come across coincides with the haunted laboratory theme. Large alien pods hang from the ceiling and even large alien creatures emerge from the darkest corners. Some haunts have an electrifying Tesla coil, but The Haunted Laboratory has one of the largest in the state of Ohio. And depending on the weather, they may have their second Tesla coil running on top of The Haunted Laboratory roof.

Acting-9: The actors are intense and non stop at The Haunted Laboratory. Just like at The Haunted School House many characters blend in with scenes or pop out from doors hidden within sets. If this is your first year at The Haunted Laboratory you won’t expect it at all. 

Scare Effect-9: This is a unique and frightening haunt unlike many haunts in Ohio. While the rooms are traditional the high tech props and scares aren’t. You’ll rarely see and actor out of character and that takes the intensity to another level.

Fright Value: $15 is a deal for a haunt of this caliber. Some of the most impressive high tech scares can be experienced at The Haunted Laboratory along with intense actors.

Final Stab-9.6: The Haunted Laboratory returns for its 27th season of scares and doesn’t miss a beat. Make sure and visit The Haunted Laboratory while you are up in the Cleveland area so you can experience one of the most unique haunts around.