Industrial Nightmare 2007 Review

Industrial Nightmare-“A Factory of Fear”
This year Industrial Nightmare returns with nearly 100% of its rooms redesigned and with new high tech props and innovative scares. Do yourself a favor and head down to Jeffersonville Indiana because you are in for a treat when it comes to Industrial Nightmare.

Length-9: It will take nearly 20 minutes to exit the haunted factory. There is always some time of incredible animatronic to look at or some incredible detailed scene to walk through, but I would like to see some more actors incorporated into scenes that mostly rely on fancy props.

Design-10: This year Industrial Nightmare has gotten a well deserved overhaul. Nearly 100% of this haunt has been altered in some way. While many of the rooms still stick to the classic nuclear power plant theme, there have been many new additions that you will surely notice. New movie scenes such as Freddy’s Boiler Room, Camp Crystal Lake, Michael Myers Escape, and Pin Heads Chain room have been incorporated into the haunt and are some of most detailed I’ve seen. Other rooms include a haunted bathroom, clown room, shrinking hall way and much more. But the most impressive room this year goes to the laser light claustrophobia room. It’s downright amazing and something you have to experience to believe. Once you visit Industrial Nightmare you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Props/Animatronics-10: You will find some of the industry’s best props and animatronics at Industrial Nightmare. A rising Frankenstein, towering nuclear creature, massive claustrophobia room, vomiting ghoul and much more only starts to describe the amount of eye candy at this highly detailed haunt. At one point you will walk past a haunted bathroom stall and all of a sudden a animated creature pees on you. There are so many shocks and surprises when it comes to high tech scares that it’s pretty unbelievable.

Acting-9: The actors this year have stepped up their intensity and are better then ever. While they are intense I would like to see more of them. A few scenes relied too much on animatronics and less on acting. Once more actors are added to a few of the impressive detailed rooms, acting will be nearly a perfect 10.

Scare Effect-9: Rather you’re new to haunts or not, Industrial Nightmare will impress you one way or the other. Its intense rooms and actors are sure to make you jump while its innovation in the industry is truly appreciated to say the least.

Fright Value: $17 gets you admission to both Industrial Nightmare and Dementions. They are both impressive haunts and well worth the money invested.

Final Stab-9.4: This year the people behind Industrial Nightmare have stepped up their game in big ways. From the innovative rooms to the jaw dropping special effects, it’s no wonder this haunt is known as the mother of haunted houses. If you love to get scared, then make sure to get yourself down to Jeffersonville Indiana for Industrial Nightmare.