The Haunted Hotel 2008 Review

The Haunted Hotel-“Fear Is A State of Mind”
The Haunted Hotel returns for another year of relentless scares taken to the extreme. Surprisingly the crowd the night we visited wasn’t very long, but once the doors of The Haunted Hotel mysteriously opened we knew we were in for a wild ride.

Length-9: Your tour through the dark and decrepit haunted hotel will take 20 minutes depending on how you run as your chased through the outdoor chainsaw maze. There are very few spots where nothing is happening and there’s always some frightening waiting in the darkness.
Design-10: This year The Haunted Hotel has been overhauled in a big way. Many new shocking scenes have been incorporated into the haunt and we were impressed to say the least. Some new scenes this year include a haunted doll room, possessed baby birth and many new startling surprises I don’t want to give away. Years and years ago The Haunted Hotel had one of the most creative rooms we’ve ever seen at a haunt. And this year it’s finally returned. What I’m referring to is the Killer Santa scene.
You’re transported into a blood splattered living room that’s been decorated with Christmas Lights and decorations. Suddenly the lights shut off for a brief second and old Saint Nick appears as lights flash and rock music plays. It’s intense and one of the most unique scares you’ll experience at a haunt. Some haunts may have a similar scene, but it’s surely not executed as well as it is at The Haunted Hotel. Scene favorites returning this year include the always fun Hellevator, the nude shower scene and of course the famous chainsaw maze. This really is one of the best years for The Haunted Hotel.
Props/Animatronics-10: Over the years The Haunted Hotel has improved as technology in animatronics has advanced and they’ve taken full advantage of that. About every other room you’ll experience has some kind of high end animatronic that is sure to please the eyes. One animatronic that we rarely see at haunts being used is Scare Factory’s Mango. This is a very effective prop since it comes at you from the side as you least expect it. Another high end effect that we experience at many haunts is the classic Hellevator.
But at The Haunted Hotel you’ve never experienced a Hellevator like this. The lights flash, the ground shakes and the sounds of the elevator malfunctioning will eat at your very core. The props at The Haunted Hotel are impressive to say the least and you’ll surely be impressed. Rather it’s a inmate being electrocuted or a vortex tunnel spinning out of control, The Haunted Hotel is the place to be for impressive eye candy.
Acting-10: The characters you’ll come in contact with at The Haunted Hotel growl, scream, beat there weapons against walls and get so close that you can feel there breath. The Haunted Hotel stresses that their actors always stay in character no matter what and ultimately this creates a very realistic experience. To say that the actors at this haunt are intense is putting it lightly. They’re relentless in trying to scare you and won’t let up until they feel that they’ve done their job. 
Most haunts you’ll experience will have most of their actors hidden within scenes waiting for the best moment to jump out and scare you. This isn’t the case with The Haunted Hotel. While a few of the scenes are like that, the majority are perfectly timed to music and lights. Once you cross the invisible infra red beam, the scene is activated and lights and music immediately come on. It’s an intense experience.
Scare Effect-10: To simply put it, The Haunted Hotel is one of the most intimidating haunts we’ve ever been to. Because this startling haunt uses timed scares you never know what to expect. But once you step across the invisible infrared being, the scene is activated and all Hell brakes loose. The Haunted Hotel is just one of those haunts where it seems dangerous at first, but you know in the back of your mind that you’re in good hands.
Fright Value: For $15 you get to experience one of the nation’s best haunted attractions. Yes, $15 can be a bit high if you have a family of four or more and are on a tight budget. But The Haunted Hotel is one of those haunts that great memories are made of. It’s a frightening experience that you’ll be talking about for a long time. Please make sure and visit and print out a $2 off coupon valid on Thursday and Sunday.
Final Stab-9.8: The Haunted Hotel has been scaring customers for nearly 20 years. Every year I walk away in disbelief by how intense and in your face this haunt is. I could rarely predict what was coming next and always felt nervous while I anticipated what would come next. The Haunted Hotel is an all around extreme haunt that will catch you off guard if you have a beating heart.