The Haunted Town Hall 2014 Review

townhallreviewThe Haunted Town Hall (Lafayette, OH)
“Meet Mayor Joseph”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Mayor Joseph haunts the old town hall in Lafayette, Ohio. People fear this place of terror. Others flock to it when the sun goes down and the spirits are most active. This will be our first time touring The Haunted Town Hall. Would we be paralyzed with fear after we left? This is City Blood’s review of The Haunted Town Hall. Mayor Joseph is ready for you.

The Haunted Town Hall takes place in an actual town hall building from the 1800’s. It’s a creepy building and a perfect place to have a haunted attraction. We arrived around 10:30 pm and there was a line of people outside waiting to experience the horrors inside. Groups no larger than 4 are allowed to go through the haunt.

This is a unique attraction because there are quite a few scenes with hidden passageways that mysteriously open. A spooky classroom has desks with dim candles. Corpses sit quietly as an apparition is seen on the wall. There’s no way to escape when suddenly a book case opens up revealing a secret passageway. The hazardous waste zone features falling barrels, but there’s no way out. Just knock on the barrels in front of you. A pathway will magically open up allowing you to exit the scene.

The kitchen even has it’s own hidden doorway. You’ll meet a sick freak who loves eating eyeballs. The only way out is through the freezer. The Haunted Town Hall is a very creative haunt with some scenes that stick to the town hall theme. You begin your journey by sitting down and watching a short video that discusses the strange occurrences at the town hall. A startling surprise awaits you. You’ll enter other areas like the courtroom, the jailhouse, hall of portraits, a spider’s lair, a clown attack and more. You might even witness a live execution.

One scene that made me jump was the stuffed animal room. A room is covered with stuffed animals when suddenly a hidden character pops out. There’s a lot that we liked about The Haunted Town Hall. It has a unique design and a few scary scenes that are quite different. Their dark maze has slanted floors, tight hallways and unstable surroundings. This isn’t a haunt that has tons of high tech props, but there are a few here and there. Their vortex tunnel is decent, but it could be improved. The Hellevator was a bit disappointing since it wasn’t that intense and it could have been more realistic.

The actors are good and stay in character. Our favorite character was the vampire holding a severed head. Overall, we enjoyed our time at The Haunted Town Hall. It’s a unique haunt and tickets are only $9. Tickets are $6 for children 12 and under. Bring a Haunted Town Hall flyer with you for $1 off admission. The tour time is around 13 minutes. There are concessions available like candy which is $1 and pop which is $2. Get your Haunted Town Hall merchandise when you’re there. Beanies are $15 a piece.

With some haunts it’s hard to remember scenes because there’s nothing that stands out. This is far from the case when it comes to The Haunted Town Hall. This is a place that feels haunted and you should expect the unexpected.

Length-7  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8
Final Stab: 7.6