The Haunted Junkyard 2019 Review

The Final Resting Place Haunted Junkyard (Sabina, OH)
“Grandma Millies Revenge”
By Noah Wullkotte:

In the middle of nowhere in the small town of Sabina, Ohio is an old school haunt that goes by the name of The Haunted Junkyard. You’re not going to find tons of high tech animatronics or big budget sets. This is a haunt that has many homemade props and special effects that we definitely appreciated. There’s a lot of heart in this haunt and a lot of great craftsmanship

The Final Resting Place Haunted Junk Yard consists of 3 haunted attractions. These are the Haunted Junkyard, Lights Out and the new Grandma Millies. The Haunted Junkyard is the attraction most people are looking forward to the most. This is the highlight of the experience without a doubt. The Haunted Junkyard is surrounded by junk of course. You’ll explore different areas with unique special effects and some menacing characters.

You’ll enter scenes such as a church, a bar with skeletons, a medical x-ray examining room, a haunted school bus, an ambulance and much more. There are different characters like the twisted clowns that are part of clown town and the broken down carnival. The cast varies in age with a few characters that are quite young. They do a decent job and don’t resort to screaming in your face for the most part. The killer with the large mallet was great and the chainsaw maniacs were relentless. The inbred hillbillies you’ll meet before entering are hilarious.

You’ll see many cool things at The Haunted Junkyard since it’s themed after a junkyard. Cars shoot flames into the air, a cop car blares its siren and car hoods mysteriously open by themselves. Most of the props are homemade which makes them unique. I loved the camper that had red glowing eyes. Yes, the experience could be scarier if makeup was used for more of the characters instead of masks. There were a few scenes here and there that didn’t make much sense and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. This isn’t a big budget haunt and much of what you’re going to see is built from the ground up. Total tour time was 15 minutes.

We bought tickets for all 3 attractions. Lights Out is basically a straight forward dark maze, but it’s not very confusing. There are very few actors who interact with people and a lot of it consists of black plastic walls. It’s only $5 a ticket, but lasts just 4 minutes. It would make more sense to have it included in the admission for the Haunted Junkyard which is $10 a ticket. The newest attraction is called Grandma Millies. This is an old school haunt. It reminded me of an old fashioned Jaycees/funhouse style attraction from the 1980s. This definitely isn’t a bad thing. We’re not going to go into detail about scenes. It would be very easy to give everything away since it’s such as short attraction. Tickets are $5 a piece. We were in and out in 3 minutes flat.

The Haunted Junkyard would benefit from raising their price to $15 a ticket and include all 3 attractions in the price of admission. This would be a great value to say the least.  They could at the very least have a combo deal for $17 which would save you a little bit of money. People would then me more inclined to do all of the attractions. This is just a suggestion. The Haunted Junkyard is a haunt we really enjoy. It’s old school scares and frightfully fun. The fact that it’s practically in the middle of nowhere makes it even scarier. This haunt deserves a larger crowd and it’s one you should check out if you’re in the area.

Length-8  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-6  Acting-7  Scare Effect-7

Final Stab: 7.0

Please Note: Black Out and Grandma Millies have not been rated.