Industrial Mayhem 2009 Review

Industrial Mayhem-“Will You Survive The Mayhem?”

Industrial Mayhem is this year’s newest attraction at The Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park. It’s a nice side attraction for those who are in the mood for something different than The Haunted Hydro haunt. It’s not terribly different from last year’s House of Shocks, but there have been enough changes to make it stand out somewhat.

Length-7: The tour through the twisted cage maze of Industrial Mayhem will take less than 15 minutes to complete. There are a few interesting scenes, but too many areas where there are no actors or scenes to speak of.
Design-6: Over the years this haunt has been under different names, but has been essentially the same since it has focused on the steel cage maze concept. There are some scenes that may catch you off guard, but there just aren’t enough to fill this haunt without it becoming a little repetitive after a while. The maze itself is pretty straight forward without many dead ends or confusing routes. Scenes include a crazed lunatic who has eaten the head of a horse, a walk through hearse, a man who protects his haunted boat and a few more scenes here and there.
Some of these areas of the haunt are interesting, but there just needs to be more of them. There are too many moments where you are walking though the haunt and there are no actors and you are just walking though a maze without anything happening. If more actors are implemented into the haunt as well as scenes this could be a pretty good maze.
Props/Animatronics-6: This isn’t a haunt that is full of impressive props or anything that is going to make your jaw drop. It’s primarily a haunted maze with scenes and actors thrown in for good measure. This haunt could benefit from realistic decor that blends in with scenes and some unique props that relate to the theme.
Acting-7: The Haunted Hydro has always been known for its variety of skilled actors from its mascot and owner Crazy Bob Tuner to its cast of ghouls and monsters who infest its grounds. There are actors throughout Industrial Mayhem, but for the first half of your tour many of these characters pop up more than once and at some points get in the way as you try to make it out of the maze. The standout character of the night goes to the lunatic in white clothing who follows you through the hearse as you try to make it out alive. There are some great actors inside Industrial Nightmare, but not enough to warrant a higher score.
Scare Effect-6:  It’s obvious from the start that Industrial Mayhem is not the main attraction at The Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park. The Haunted Hydro is the main highlight for people since it’s been the best attraction at the park for 20 years going. Industrial Mayhem is a good alternative for people who are in the mood for something else besides the standard haunted house, but could be scarier if it was a bit more creative and had more actors who resided in the maze.
Customer Service: The Haunted Hydro really feels like a mini scream park when you arrive because of all the variety of haunting entertainment that is available. You have 2 haunts, Paintball Alley, The Haunted Hooptie, Wheel of Misfortune, professional photography and more. So if you are into the scary stuff or not, there are still plenty of options for you. The Haunted Hydro also has a variety of concessions and the parking is completely free. The staff couldn’t be any nicer and is very organized.
Fright Value: The ticket price of Industrial Mayhem is $10 which is a bit high for what you are getting. The Haunted Hydro is a much superior haunt in comparison and is charging the same exact price. But for 5 more dollars you can purchase a combo ticket so you are able to get in both haunts for a discounted price. Please make sure and check out for the various ticket prices and different discounts.
Final Stab-6.4: Industrial Nightmare is a decent side attraction at The Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park. While it’s not as good as The Haunted Hydro, it’s still worth your time if you purchase a $15 combo ticket. There is so much that could be done with Industrial Mayhem and hopefully with enough changes this could be something really unique.