The Haunted Hydro 2009 Review

The Haunted Hydro-“A Celebration of Fear”
Saturday October 10th was the 20th year celebration for The Haunted Hydro. The moment we arrived actors appeared from nowhere as they marched to the beat of a drum and recited different lines as if they were in the military. Once they entered the park the 20th anniversary show began. Actors danced to music, breathed fire and just celebrated the fact that this haunt has been around for so long. It was really special being able to see all the actors come together as one to celebrate this joyous occasion. Once the show was over, the night of terror at The Haunted Hydro was ready to begin.

Length-8: The Haunt Hydro lasts for a duration of around 15 minutes. This haunt doesn’t rely on dark mazes to add length, but has a variety of scenes that will catch your attention.

Design-7: The Haunted Hydro is unique in the way it’s designed. You start off inside and then eventually walk outdoors to experience the rest of the scenes. Scenes include a haunted library, a security room, a spooky graveyard, haunted bedroom, a clown’s domain and what you’ve come to expect from this haunt that’s been around for 20 years. A couple scenes need some work such as the graveyard. It’s just unoriginal and the lighting doesn’t do this scene any justice. Adding mini spotlights to light up graves and low lying fog as well as a lightning machine would really enhance the haunting atmosphere you expect from a graveyard scene. Some rooms are pretty detailed and realistic, but this needs to consistent throughout the haunt.

Props/Animatronics-7: The Haunted Hydro is known for their great group of actors and doesn’t rely on fancy props.The decor is suitable for the rooms it decorates, but more high tech scares would help improve The Haunted Hydro in making some scenes stand out more.

Acting-8: The Haunted Hydro has a huge cast of characters that inhabit the Dark Attraction Park. The highlight of The Haunted Hydro is of course Crazy Bob Tuner who interacts with customers before they enter the haunt. He’s quite funny and gets people pumped up before they are ready to enter The Haunted Hydro. There are plenty of actors roaming around the park, but more grotesque off the wall characters would help.The actors wear elaborate costomes, gruseome prostethics and the use of masks is not in the equation. Overall The Haunted Hydro has some of the best actors in the area bar none.

Scare Effect-8: The Haunted Hydro is a place that breeds fear. The moment you arrive you are greeted by actors roaming its haunted grounds. The scenes are somewhat traditional, but creepy either way you look at it. More adult actors would help some scenes become more believable and scary, but this still is a scary haunt in a classic horror kind of way.

Customer Service: The staff at The Haunted Hydro love being part of this annual haunt. They are helpful, nice and organized. There are plenty of concessions available at the park as well as many forms of entertainment.You have 2 haunts, Paintball Alley, The Haunted Hooptie, Wheel of Misfortune, professional photography and more. So if you are into the scary stuff or not, there are still plenty of options for you.

Fright Value: $10 is not a bad price for a haunt that has a variety of entertainment available in one place. Please make sure and take advantage of a combo ticket where you can get in The Haunted Hydro and Industrial Mayhem for $15. Discounts are available at

Final Stab-7.6: The Haunted Hydro is an annual favorite for Fremont Ohio haunt goers. It has an amazing cast of characters, plenty of entertainment in one place and is just a great haunt to gather with friends or family. So please make sure and visit The Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park if you are in the area or just looking for something fun to do this Halloween season.