The Haunted Hotel (Louisville, KY)

“We’ll Turn The Lights Out For You”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The Haunted Hotel is Louisville’s longest running haunted attraction and its most intense. Since 1991 The Haunted Hotel has been offering its unique brand of up close and personal scares where you’ll leave feeling used and abused. They’ll turn the lights out for you. This is far from your typical haunt since anything goes. You’ll hear harsh language and you might even be grabbed, pushed and shoved. The element of touch makes this haunt feel more realistic because let’s be honest. If you were confronted by demented killers and madmen then they would be physical and threatening.

One of The Haunted Hotel’s most famous scenes is the Hellevator. Step foot onto a malfunctioning elevator where the operator is a creature with razor sharp teeth who is ready to take a bite out of you. This actress did a phenomenal job at intimating us and making us feel uneasy as she stared and screamed her head off.

The Haunted Hotel is a dark and grungy haunt where anything might be lurking in the darkness. There are psychopaths among us and many call The Haunted Hotel home. You’ll check in, but you won’t check out. A man is beaten to death by a baseball bat and a killer with a hatchet makes sparks fly. This isn’t the cleanest hotel. So, don’t expect room service. A woman can be seen going to the bathroom in a bathroom sink. Nothing is sacred at The Haunted Hotel. Enter the church where you’ll be forced to view a woman who’s been possessed by the Devil.

The Haunted Hotel takes place inside and outside. You’ll come in contact with some interesting props as you venture outside. A large semi truck was inches from hitting me and plant creatures are ready to gobble you up in the green house. If you enjoy chainsaws then you’re in for a treat at The Haunted Hotel. Their chainsaw maniacs are relentless and will not let up until you’re screaming in terror. There’s little we have to complain about when it comes to this haunt. There are some dead spots in the outside portion and the outside pales in comparison to the inside portion of The Haunted Hotel. But besides that, this haunt is world class when it comes to scares. We always love how physical The Haunted Hotel is. Don’t be surprised if you’re shoved onto a bed and forced to roll over. I was and I loved it.

Total tour time was 15 minutes, but could be longer depending on your interaction with the various characters. General admission is $25, $40 for fast pass and $60 for front of the line admission. There’s plenty of Haunted Hotel apparel available at their ticket booth from T-Shirts to hoodies. Curse of Krampus takes place on December 3rd and 4th from 7pm-10pm. The Haunted Hotel is a very safe haunt. You’ll be subject to security wand and/or bag checked.

The Haunted Hotel has become infamous for its approach to scaring customers. It’s a very physical haunt where you’ll be cursed at, degraded, and man handled. It’s a blast and one of the best haunts you’ll experience.

Length-8 Design-9 Props/Animatronics-9 Acting-9 Scare Effect-10

Final Stab: 9.0