The Haunted Hotel 2017 Review

The Haunted Hotel (Louisville, KY)
“Gustav’s Revenge!”
By Noah Wullkotte:

The Haunted Hotel is a landmark in Louisville, Kentucky. For 27 years they’ve been providing intense scares for those who are brave enough to enter. This isn’t your run of the mill haunt by any means. It’s very physical to say the least. You’ll definitely walk away a little sore and possibly traumatized.

The actors are up close and personal and aren’t afraid to invade your personal space. This is an unnerving haunt. Some people might not enjoy being touched, but I personally love it. If you were in an actual hotel taken over by madmen then you would be physically assaulted. You would be lucky to walk away in one piece. The physical aspect of The Haunted Hotel makes it a very realistic experience.

The Haunted Hotel consists of many themed rooms and the actors are simply insane. There were numerous times where I was pushed, pulled and even choked. These crazy characters come at you in every direction. One minute I’m looking at a large sock money and then the next minute a small woman is man handling me. The infamous Hellevator is incredible and the freaks inside don’t hold back. Gustav is an unlike any elevator operator I’ve ever met. He’s sick and demented.

The Haunted Hotel has some impressive special effects. The laundry room features dismembered corpses that spray water from their necks. The basement has pipes that have burst and the Hellevator is one of the best elevator simulators around. You never know what to expect at The Haunted Hotel. You might come face to face with a moving vehicle, mutant plants or have a gun fired at you. The freezer/meat locker features cold air. It’s hard to catch me off guard, but The Haunted Hotel’s air cannon almost knocked me off my feet.

The outside portion of The Haunted Hotel has been improved and it’s an immersive experience. I really enjoyed the sewer with nuclear waste. This is a dark and gritty haunt. There are some haunts that have a chainsaw maniac or two, but The Haunted Hotel takes it to the extreme. Their chainsaw maze is pretty scary. If it’s you’re first time at The Haunted Hotel then you might just crap your pants as you run for your life. The actors are relentless as they chase you with their gas powered murder weapons.

The Haunted Hotel is full of many colorful characters. Some wear burlap and latex masks from the company Sinister FX. You better wipe your feet at The Haunted Hotel or the maid will tear you apart. The actors aren’t afraid to insult or belittle you. You’ll be cussed at and you might even be licked.

The Haunted Hotel is a very special haunt and it lasts around 20 minutes. You’re going to be on the edge of your seat as you try to survive. Tickets are $25 and VIP Admission is $35. Click here for a $5 off coupon good on Thursday and Sunday. There are various concessions available including Haunted Hotel T- Shirts, Hoodies and more. T-Shirts are $20 and you can buy 2 for $30. On Sunday, September 24th The Haunted Hotel will have its night of charity from 8-11 PM. A portion of the proceeds benefits the National Kidney Foundation.

Lights Out Zombie Outbreak takes place on Saturday, November 4th from 8PM-11PM. General admission is $25 and VIP is $35. Their Christmas event Krampus – Hell Night takes place on December 1st and 2nd from 8PM-11PM. General admission is $25 and VIP is $35. If you’re visiting Louisville this season then The Haunted Hotel is a no brainier. It’s simply one of the best haunts around. You’ll check in, but you won’t check out.

Length-9  Design-9  Props/Animatronics-9  Acting-9  Scare Effect-10
Final Stab: 9.2