Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall (Cincinnati, OH)
“Welcome to the Monster Party”
By Noah Wullkotte:

Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is Cincinnati’s longest running haunted attraction and has become a family favorite over the years. This is an attraction that’s somewhat on the milder side and great for friends and families. It’s not overly scary, but there are plenty of creepy scenes along the way. Every season, the haunt has a brand new theme and this year it’s Monster Party.

You’ll meet classic monsters such as Dracula who wants to take a bite out of your neck. Bow down to the Devil and pray that you will escape. The mummy isn’t too happy and will curse you if you don’t leave this instant. Other monsters include a werewolf, an evil witch, killer scarecrow, Bug Boy and much more. Some characters are great while there are a few that seem out of place. This was the case with the Oompa Loompa. I understand that it’s supposed to be funny, but unfortunately this scene fell flat. Another issue was that the chainsaw maniac was wearing a generic Jason Voorhees mask. Jason has never used a chainsaw in any of the Friday the 13th movies. It just doesn’t make sense.

There are a variety of scenes that will creep you out to no end. Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is known for their homemade Hellevator and we were impressed with this year’s elevator operator. He had so much energy and made us feel like the elevator was actually going to crash. The broken down UFO was also a nice touch. If you don’t have parts, you might get shot. Mount Healthy Haunted Hall was one of the first haunts I went to that had a vortex tunnel. What makes there’s so special is how wide it is and that it’s homemade. Another feature of Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is their Dark Maze.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. City Blood is notoriously bad a mazes. A maze that should take a few minutes to escape will take us 20 minutes to find our way out of. It’s quite sad actually. Luckily we made it out of Mount Healthy Haunted Hall’s in 2 minutes. We were shocked at how easy it was this season. We’re not sure if it was like that because they didn’t want many people at one time to be inside because of Covid-19 or we were just lucky. Every week the path is changed. So, don’t expect it to be so easy next time. It took us 9 minutes to explore the different scenes and 2 minutes to exit the Dark Maze. Total tour time was 11 minutes, but could be much longer depending on how fast you’re able to exit the Dark Maze.

Tickets are $10 per victim and there’s a $2 discount when you donate a canned good. VIP tickets are $15 with no discount available. Bring in 2 cans of soup on Sundays (Soupy Sundays) to get $5 off admission. Lights Up Night takes place on October 24th from 6pm to 6:45 pm. The lights will be on and it’s not as scary. Children get to go through the haunt while trick or treating. It’s only $5 and parents are free.

The haunt is sponsored by the Madonna Council Knights of Columbus and assisted by Youth Organizations. It benefits these groups and other charities. There are concessions available such as popcorn, candy and soda. Popcorn is only 50 cents. Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is a great Halloween tradition for many families across Cincinnati. Yes, there are areas that need some work such as the acting and a few scenes weren’t effective. But you’re going to have a good time either way. It’s good Halloween fun!

Length-7 Design-7 Props/Animatronics-6 Acting-6 Scare Effect-6

Final Stab: 6.4