Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall 2009 Review

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall-“Halloween Fun For All Ages”
Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall returns for another year of fear for the 2009 season. This is a truly special haunt because it doesn’t rely on animatronics or amazing sets. It’s just frightful fun for the entire family. Unfortunately we experienced something that I hope never happens again at a haunt. You’ll later read about this incident further into the review. Please don’t let our experience steer you away from this haunt because it is a fun place to visit.

Length-8: Most of Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall will take around 10 minutes to tour, but once you step foot inside their large dark maze you could conceivably be at this haunt for over 30 minutes or more depending on how good you are finding your way out of the darkness. And to be honest, I’m one of the worst when it comes to finding my way out of mazes. It’s a curse.

Design-7: This year Mt. Healthy Hall has been expanded with the addition of brand new tents. Some new scenes include a Camp Crystal lake camping ground full of tents and victims. You’ll also walk through what looks like a monster reunion/wedding that includes Frankenstein’s decapitated head, a falling chandelier, The Bride of Frankenstein and so much more. There have been many new additions implemented this year, but I won’t dare give away everything. Scenes include a scary Hellevator ride, Satan’s lair, a haunted hall of portraits and so much more. Majority of the scenes you’ll experience center around classic themes such as old horror movies, clowns etc, but are unique in their own right.

Props/Animatronics-7: Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall doesn’t have a massive budget, but does very well with the homemade props they create. These include a falling chandelier, a spinning floor and of course one of the best vortex tunnels around. And you will be surprised to find out that it’s completely homemade. It’s quiet, runs smoothly and uses the right fabric that gives it that spinning vortex look to it.

Acting-7: It’s understandable that many of the characters you’ll encounter at Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall are played by young adults who volunteer to work at the haunt. You’ll encounter The Bride of Frankenstein, a ravenous wolf man, Satan, and a variety of unique off the wall characters.

Scare Effect-7: Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall can be a somewhat scary haunt in how you start out in spooky building with small enclosed rooms where you have no choice, but to face your fears. After you exit the first building you will venture out into different tents containing a variety of themed rooms that will surely scare some. The scariest aspect of Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is its infamous dark maze which has expanded this year and is as tough as ever. Either way you look at it Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is Halloween fun.

Customer Service: Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall has always been known for having the nicest people working at their haunt. But the night we visited was very different from what we usually experience at a haunt that has become a tradition for us even before City Blood was in existence. I was basically ambushed by one of their employees and accused of bashing Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall over the years when this just hasn’t been the case. This incident went on for about 10 minutes with me explaining how I never bashed Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall and have written very kind words about them. In fact last year’s review said the following.

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is one of the better charity haunts in Cincinnati, OH. It has some homemade animatronics you wouldn’t expect and one of the toughest dark mazes around. Make a trip out to Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall this season for a night of scares and Halloween fun.

I’m always 100% honest with my reviews of haunts and rate them the same as I do with every haunt I tour. I’m just puzzled and shocked at how I was treated. It really kind of breaks my heart because I’ve promoted, posted news, information and have been as nice as can be to Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall, but I guess it’s just not good enough for one of their workers. Now the rest of the staff is a pleasure to deal with and I can’t say enough kind words about them. Parking is free and safe and there are plenty of reasonably priced concessions. I guess the term one rotten apple spoils the bunch is appropriate for this unfortunate situation.

Fright Value: $10 is the ticket price for Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall. While it isn’t an extremely high price to pay it could be a bit cheaper when you consider that charity haunts such as Dungeons of Delhi are only charging $6 and $3 for re entering the haunt. Please take advantage of the $2 off discount when you bring a canned good.

Final Stab-7.4: Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall has been scaring people for 20 years and will probably be around for 20 more. It’s a haunt you can bring your entire family to and not have to worry about your kids being scarred for life. It’s one of those haunts that is a must if you like traditional horror with a few surprising elements thrown into the mix. So if you are in the area or just looking for some good Halloween fun, then make sure and head out to Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall this fall season.