Haunted Angelus House 2015 Review

Haunted Angelus House (Indianapolis, IN)
“Paging Doctor Peta”
By Noah Wullkotte: Jollypumpkin@aol.com

The Haunted Angelus House is a charity haunt that benefits The Angelus which is a group home for Cerebral Palsy. I’ve known quite a few people with this debilitating disease. It affects the way you walk, speak and move. This is the first year we’ve toured The Haunted Angelus House and we walked away pretty impressed.

While you wait in line, you’ll be treated to a video that has Zombies tearing apart a helpless man as he screams in horror. An outhouse moves by itself while zombies surround the queue line. Enter an old saloon to get your group photo taken before you’re off to experience some blood curdling scenes. 

The Haunted Angelus house has some rooms you’ve seen at other haunts, but they’ve added their own special touch to make them stand out. Their haunted forest features a moving bridge and a waterfall. You might even see a creature with glowing eyes in the swamp. Their carnival scene will freak you out if you have a strong fear or clowns or what is known as Coulrophobia. Play one of the carnival games and get a unique surprise.

The actors are great. The actor playing Freddy Krueger was pretty incredible. He had an endless amount of one liners that cracked us up and he knew the mannerisms of Freddy like the back of his burnt hand. The steam coming from the boiler room was a nice touch. Michael Myers was very intimidating. He appeared several times throughout the haunt and got inches from our face.

The Haunted Angelus House is one hell of a good time. The actors are really what makes this haunt standout. Bobby J is one messed up hillbilly. He kept wanting us to smell his grandma’s underwear. How could I refuse? There’s a lot to like about this haunt. While rooms like the hall of moving portraits and the haunted church are good, the outside section needs a little work.

There’s just not much that’s too memorable in the outside section. We’ve never been great at mazes, so we weren’t too surprised that we got a little confused. We were in the haunt for over 20 minutes, but it depends on how lost you get in the maze. Tickets are $20 a piece. This is a little high, but it does benefit a great charity and it’s a quality attraction. Tickets for kids 10 and under are only $10. On Friday the 13th of November, the haunt will be open from 7-10 pm and tickets are only $13.

The Haunted Angelus House is a good haunt with some very creative scenes and a dedicated cast of characters. Bring your family, friends and whoever wants to get the living daylights scared out of them. If you have extra money, please be sure to make a donation to help people with Cerebral Palsy.

Length-9  Design-8  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-8  Scare Effect-8   
Final Stab: 8.0