We congratulate all the winners and please enjoy our annual Haunt Awards! Let’s first start with the Haunt of the Year and our Top 10 Haunts. Drum roll please. Haunt of the Year is none other than

1: The Dent Schoolhouse

The Dent Schoolhouse reigns supreme. This is without a doubt one of the best haunts in the nation with incredibly detailed sets, amazing props and some scary ass actors. There’s a reason they’re rated as one of the best haunts by so many media outlets. They’re that damn good and seem to get better with age. We congratulate The Dent Schoolhouse for becoming our 2021 Haunt of the Year.

Rest of the Top 10:

2: USS Nightmare
3: The Haunted Hotel
4: The Devil’s Attic
5: Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror
6: American Horrorplex
7: Fear Fair
8: Nightmare on Edgewood
9: Haunted Town Hall
10: Malice Manor

Enjoy the Awards!
We congratulate all the winners. Only haunts we toured in 2021 were considered for an award.

Best Ohio Haunt

The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Kentucky Haunt

USS Nightmare

Best Indiana Haunt

Fear Fair

Best Haunted House

The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Haunted Trail

Middletown Haunted Trail

Scariest Scream Park

Land of Illusion

Best Corn Maze

Haunted Corn Maze at Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus

Most Confusing Dark Maze

Big Mama’s Revenge at Land of Illusion

Most Unique Maze

Bubble Maze at The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Side Attraction (Not A Haunt)

Zombie Assault at Brimstone Haunt

Best Old School Haunt

Haunted Town Hall

Most Interactive Haunt

USS Nightmare’s Rip Experience

Most Physical Haunt

The Homestead at Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus

Best Design

The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Lighting

The Devil’s Attic

Best Sound

The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Use of Darkness

Fright Manor

Best Use of Water

Fear Fair

Best Use of Fire

Brimstone Haunted Hayride

Best Use of Fog

Muck Manor at Twisted Trails

Best Use of CGI

Acres Manor at Hanna Haunted Acres

Best Façade

Fear Fair

Best New Scene/Section

Ancient Egypt/Ramse’s Revenge at Fear Fair

Most Unique Scene

Belly of the Beast at American Horrorplex

Best Introduction

Fright Manor’s Old Man Serial Killer

Most Memorable Finale

Fear Fair’s Spooning

Most Intense Vehicle Chase

Combine Chase at Hanna Haunted Hayride

Best Backstory

American Horrorplex

Most Unique Location

USS Nightmare’s Haunted Steamboat

Scariest Building

Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror

Spookiest Graveyard or Tomb

Haunted Town Hall

Most Electrifying Laboratory

The Dent Schoolhouse

Most Out of this World Alien Scene

Area 49 at Middletown Haunted Trail

Best Swamp

Muck Manor at Twisted Trails

Best Church Scene

The Haunted Hotel

Best Hospital Scene

USS Nightmare

Best Hidden Passageways

Malice Manor

Best Props

The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Actormatronics

Nightmare on Edgewood

Most Unique Animatronic

Killer Robot at Psychosis

Scariest Animatronic Monster

Impaler Monster at USS Nightmare

Best Vortex Tunnel

USS Nightmare

Favorite Hellevator

The Haunted Hotel

Best Acting

American Horrorplex

Best Young Cast

Literally a Haunted House at Culbertson Mansion

Best Actor

Mike Taylor as Belle, The Doll at Malice Manor

Most Unique Characters

American Horrorplex

Most Sadistic Chainsaw Maniacs

The Haunted Hotel

Most Blood Thirsty Vampires

USS Nightmare

Hungriest Zombies

Fear Fair

Best Backwoods Hillbillies

Haunted Town Hall

Craziest Killer Clowns

Killer Klowns at Land of Illusion

Best Horror Movie Recreations

The Devil’s Attic

Favorite Werewolf

Blood Moon Beast at Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror

Best Headless Horseman

The Haunting

Favorite Serial Killer

The Boogeyman Played By Jon Moran at Forgotten Forest

Most Frightful Queue Line

The Dent Schoolhouse’s Fall Festival

Best Queue Line Entertainment

Fear Fair

Best Queue Line Characters

The Haunted Hotel

Favorite Queue Line Character

Lucy Phurr Played By Holly Crisler at Literally A Haunted House at Culbertson Mansion

Best Aerial Scare

Flying Ghoul at The Dent Schoolhouse

Most Disturbing Childbirth

Hell’s Dungeon

Best Makeup

USS Nightmare

Best Makeup Design

Kalypto Played By Valerie Roach at Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror

Best Masks

The Devil’s Attic

Best Costumes

The Devil’s Attic

Best Giftshop and Concessions

Land of Illusion

Best Apparel

The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Photo Op Stations

The Dent Schoolhouse

Most Spooktacular Hearse

Nightmare on Edgewood

Most Professional Website

The Dent Schoolhouse

Best Commercial

The Devil’s Attic

Most Halloween Spirit

The Dent Schoolhouse

Thanks for joining us. We hope you enjoyed our Awards. See you next time!