Haunt Awards 2009

“These Are The Best of The Best In Haunting Entertainment.”

This year’s Haunt Awards are dedicated to the memory of James Davenport who loved the fall season. Although He is gone from this world He won’t ever be forgotten. I will always remember him as the greatest grandfather I could ever have. May He no longer suffer and his soul rest in peace.

Welcome to the 2009 Haunt Awards. This has been an interesting year for haunts. The season started off well with The Land of Illusion in Middletown, OH. But unfortunately it would eventually rain 4 weekends which is detrimental to outdoor haunts. The haunts this year have been a mixed bag. Some that have been incredible over the years haven’t changed much while other haunts have really stepped it up and are better than ever. The economy is in the worst shape it has ever been in and this has really affected some haunts. Many haunts have had smaller crowds and are down in profits.

This year’s haunt awards have many haunts that have never been part of the awards while a few are returning haunts that always win something. City Blood’s Haunt Awards congratulates all winners of this year’s awards and really appreciates all the owners, workers and actors who put their blood sweat and tears into their haunting creations. Rather you are part of the awards or not, we really appreciate your haunt and how you make people scream. Without the haunt industry Halloween wouldn’t be what it is.

Haunt of The Year:

#1 The Haunted Schoolhouse (Akron, OH)
The Haunted Schoolhouse has been scaring haunt goers for nearly 40 years. It’s the second oldest haunt in the nation and one of the scariest you’ll ever come across. Nearly every prop and detailed set is homemade as well as some standout scenes you won’t encounter at other haunts. This Akron Ohio classic just seems to get better with age. This is the one and only Haunted Schoolhouse.

Runners Up:
#2 The Haunted Laboratory (Akron, OH)
The Haunted Laboratory has been scaring the people of Akron for almost 30 years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This haunt is similar to The Haunted Schoolhouse that’s next door except it’s themed differently and has some unique things that set itself apart. The Haunted Laboratory has a vertical wind tunnel and the largest tesla coil you will ever see at a haunt. During good weather they bring out the second tesla coil to be used on top of the laboratory’s roof.

#3 The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, OH)
The Dent Schoolhouse is one of those haunts that just makes your jaw drop. The amount of detail and unique lighting really brings scenes to life and their haunting backstory will put chills down your spine. But not only is this an immersive haunt, the actors are very intense and never break character. Just the sight of this haunted building will make your hair raise.

#4 Fear Fair (Seymour, IN)
When most haunts have horror movie scenes, they don’t take much time into making them feel real. This isn’t the case with Fear Fair. Every horror movie scene you enter feels real and is as authentic as possible. Fear Fair doesn’t just create scenes, they make you part of them. If you are into classic horror movies and just an all around great haunt, then Fear Fair is for you.

#5 Dead Acres (Pataskala, OH)
Saying that Dead Acres is over the top would be a huge understatement. This haunt is intense, gory and doesn’t let up until you are left screaming in fear. Dead Acres is a non stop thrill ride that features state of the art animatronics, graphic skits and some twisted actors that can only be found in your worst nightmares. Let the insanity begin!

#6 The Terror Fest (Columbus, OH)
The Terror Fest is a state of the art haunt that is pretty incredible in just about every aspect. What used to be known as The House of Nightmares is now called The Terror Fest. It features 2 detailed haunts and has some props and effects you won’t see at other haunts in Ohio. This is a pretty spectacular haunt.

#7 Ghostly Manor (Sandusky, OH)
Ghostly Manor is a great mixture of frightening animatronics with great sets and characters. This year there have been plenty of additions made such as a large castle facade complete with a synchronized light show and dynamic props. Ghostly Manor is one of those diamonds in the rough that I think more people are finally discovering.

#8 Haunted Cave at Lewisburg (Lewisburg, OH)
How much creepier does it get than a haunted cave? Just the thought of venturing inside a dark spooky cave at night will give most people goose bumps. This haunt doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to a quality haunt. You’ll experience dynamic effects, intense actors and some unique scenes you won’t see anywhere else in Ohio. This is the one and only Haunted Cave at Lewisburg.

#9 Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)
Bloodview Haunted House is simply one of the best charity haunts in the country. They use an acting troupe known as The Legion of Terror. These actors wear elaborate costumes, grotesque makeup and have personalities that separate them from other actors in Ohio. Once inside the haunt, the halls become tight and confining and the freaks you will encounter are downright intimidating. This just proves that you don’t have to have a massive budget to be one of the best around.

#10 USS Nightmare (Newport, KY)
USS Nightmare is one of the most unique haunts in America today. It’s one of the very few haunts that takes place on an old haunted steamboat and takes advantage of that anyway it can. It incorporates elements of the old boat as well as having some very detailed scenes and theatrical actors. It’s one of the spookiest haunts around and is what Halloween is all about.

USS Nightmare and Sandyland Acres are both tied for the #10 spot.

Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride (Petersburg, KY)
Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride has evolved greatly since 2006. It’s not your typical haunted hayride since the majority of scenes are reenactments of classic and modern horror movies. This is an intense hayride that has everything you would want in a family friendly haunt, but has many scenes that will appeal to an older audience. This is the only haunted hayride to ever make the top 10 haunts list and hopefully in the future it may be further up on the list.

Honorable Mentions: Junction Nightmare, House of The Dead at Terror Town, Toxicity Haunted Attraction, The Haunted Hotel, Industrial Nightmare, Dementions (Industrial Nightmare Complex)

The Rest of The Awards:
These awards recognize certain haunts as being the best in haunting categories. The awards are only based on haunts that we reviewed throughout the haunt season. If we didn’t review a haunt, they weren’t considered. Congratulations to all the winners!

Ohio’s Best
The Haunted Schoolhouse (Akron, OH)

Kentucky’s Best
Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride (Petersburg, KY)

Indiana’s Best
Fear Fair (Seymour, IN)

Best New Haunt (3 Years or Less)
Toxicity Haunted Attraction (College Corner, OH)

Best Charity Haunt
Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)

Most Intense Haunt
Dead Acres (Pataskala, OH)

Most Improved
Dungeons of Delhi (Cincinnati, OH)

Biggest Bang For Your Buck
Spooktacular Nights (Columbia Station, OH)

Scariest Haunted Trail
Toxicity Haunted Attraction (College Corner, OH)

Best Haunted Hayride
Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride (Petersburg, KY)

Best Multi Haunt Attraction
The Land of Illusion (Middletown, OH)

Most Mind Numbing 3D Attraction
Bad Trip in 3D at Dead Acres (Pataskala, OH)

Most Entertaining Side Attraction (not a haunt)
USS Nightmare’s Laser Rage (Newport, KY)

Best Acting
Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)

Favorite Actor
House Keeper at Night Creepers Haunted House (Columbia Station, OH)

Best Haunt Mascot
Crazy Bob Turner at The Haunted Hydro (Fremont, OH)

Most Unique Location/Setting
Haunted Cave at Lewisburg (Lewisburg, OH)

Best Design
The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, OH)

Best Props/Animatronics
House of The Dead at Terror Town (Maumee, OH)

Best Prop Used
Fire Breathing Pumpkin at Spooktacular Nights Haunted Hayride (Columbia Station, OH)

Best Lighting
The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, OH)

Best Sound
USS Nightmare (Newport, KY)

Most Creative Masks/Makeup/Costumes
Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)

Shock of The Year
Opening Scene at Night Creepers Haunted House (Columbia Station, OH)

Scariest Room/Scene
Combine Chase at Hanna Haunted Hayride (Indianapolis, IN)

Most Hysterically Frightening Scene
Bathroom Scene at The Haunted Schoolhouse (Akron, OH)

Scariest Haunted Maze
The Abyss at ScreamPark (Lexington, KY)

Best Use of Chainsaws
Dead Acres (Pataskala, OH)

Best Crowd/Line Entertainment
Bloodview Haunted House (Broadview Heights, OH)

Most Frightful Family Event
Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride (Petersburg, KY)

Scariest Back Story
Pataskala Haunted Forest (Pataskala, OH)

Most Haunting Media Event
Kings Island Halloween Haunt (Mason, OH)

Most Professional Looking Website
The Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory (Akron, OH)

Web Commercial To Die For
Fear Fair Movie (Seymour, IN)

TV Commercial To Die For
Junction Nightmare (West Chester, OH)

The Best Parking Period (Most organized and Safe)
Junction Nightmare (West Chester, OH)

Best Variety of Concessions
The Chambers of Horror (Middletown, OH)

Most Spooktacular Queue Line
House of The Dead at Terror Town (Maumee, OH)

Most Eye Catching Facade/Facades
Ghostly Manor (Sandusky, OH)

Best Advertising Efforts
The Land of Illusion (Middletown, OH) 

Best Apparel
The Land of Illusion (Middletown, OH)