Hanna Haunted Acres 2023 Review

Hanna Haunted Acres (Indianapolis, IN)
“Cannibal Creeps and Crazy Corn”
By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

Hanna Haunted Acres is made up of 6 attractions. This includes Hanna Haunted Hayride, Undead Underworld: Dark Echoes, Freakshow, Acres Manor, The Horror Fields, and Cannibal Chaos. Hanna Haunted Hayride focuses mostly on its set design and props. You’ll see an animated demon, headless horseman, trees that split, a massive spider, falling signs and more. Scenes consist of a chainsaw assault, vampire village, sewer and just about anything you can think of. The chase scene at the end is very intense and so is the train crash.

There isn’t much to the haunt The Horror Fields. It’s your typical haunted cornfield where anything might be lurking in the corn. There are twists and turns and it’s eerily quiet. We are known for being bad a mazes and hopefully you survive The Horror Fields. We were in and out in 10 minutes.

Acres Manor Haunted Mansion is one of the best haunts at Hanna Haunted Acres. It utilizes CGI portraits and there’s plenty of paranormal activity taking place. You’ll venture into scenes such as a creepy dinning room, scary bedroom, disgusting kitchen, tarot card room and much more. It’s fun, but the acting is sub par. The woman in the library threatened to make a book out of our skin. Total tour time was 5 minutes.

Cannibal Chaos resembles a haunted barn that’s been taken over by ravenous cannibals. It’s a gory adventure where you never know what’s going to happen next. There are cannibals galore at Cannibal Chaos. Total tour time was around 5 minutes.

Enter a haunted carnival of sorts at Freakshow. There are a variety of carnival booths, a fun house, a casino and more. The spinning vortex tunnel was a dizzying experience. It’s a beautifully designed attraction, but the acting leaves room for improvement. Once again characters resort to yelling instead of using any meaningful dialogue. Total tour time was around 5 minutes.

Undead Underworld: Dark Echoes is an immersive attraction that’s quite dark and mysterious. Enter a fog filled swamp, the catacombs, a cave and more. We enjoyed our time inside the haunt, but it’s a brief journey into the darkness that lasts 4 minutes.

Hanna Haunted Acres’ major downfall is its acting. The haunts are great looking, but most of the actors resort to screaming or saying typical things like “where are you going?” or “dinner time”. I’m not sure if there’s an acting coach or what.. If Hanna Haunted Acres improved their acting then the entire experience would be much more enjoyable.

Most of the haunts are around 5 minutes long except for Hanna Haunted Hayride and Horror Fields. Horror Fields is Hanna’s version of a haunted cornfield. We were in and out of the corn in about 10 minutes, but some people aren’t fortunate enough. The Haunted Hayride took around 15 minutes to explore. The combined total for all haunts is 44 minutes.

There are plenty of concessions available such as beer and wine at the tavern. There’s also hot dogs, chili dogs, chicken tenders, walking tacos, apple cider and more at the main concession booth. Don’t forget about the lemon shakeup and kettle corn booth. Remember the good time you had at Hanna Haunted Acres by getting your photo taken at one of the many photo op stations. Have your future told by the mysterious palm reader.

There’s also carnival games, Zombie Axe Throwing, queue line character and Deadzone Virtual Reality. Please visit www.hannahauntedacres.com for ticket prices. Admission starts at $22.95 and can be as expensive as $69.95 if you go with the Unlimited Fast Pass. Tickets are $5.05 more onsite. Glow stick Fright Nights takes place on November 3rd and 4th. Navigate 4 haunts in the pitch black darkness with only one glow stick per group.

Length-7 Design-8 Props-9 Acting-5 Scare Effect-6

Final Stab: 7.0