Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus
“Balls To The Wall Terror”
By Noah Wullkotte: jollypumpkin@aol.com

Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus consists of three attractions. These are The Homestead, Haunted Cornfield and Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride. For an extra five dollars you can purchase a Glow Necklace which makes the haunts full contact except for Zombie Paintball. We of course purchased the Glow Necklace or what the actors call a Shiny. The Homestead is a very interactive haunt. If you don’t like to be touched then please don’t buy a Glow Necklace. With the Glow Necklace, actors are up close and personal. Your personal space will be violated.

I was forced to sit down in a chair as I was made into a clown. I was tied up, had my hair sprayed and my face painted. It was a unique experience to say the least. I definitely wasn’t expecting this, but I had a blast. There was a special meal made just in my honor inside the dinning room. Organs, brains and other goodies were for dinner and I had to dig in. My face and hoodie was covered in blood by the time I was finished.

Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus takes full contact to another level. The clinic features an MRI Scanner that you must lay down on. Get ready for a wild ride. Hammer Brothers doesn’t have a usual hospital since you’ll have to participate in a live surgery. Dig your hands into a corpse and see what you can pull out. I pulled out a baby and named him Teddy. Homestead has a variety of scenes, but you didn’t think I would give everything away. Did you?

The Haunted Cornfield is next. At this point I was unsure what to expect since this is full contact. Well, I was in for a real treat. As I entered the slaughterhouse, I was confronted by a pig face killer who proceeded to duct tape my mouth and tie my hands together so I wouldn’t be able to get free. I was then tied to the person I came with. Luckily we were untied and let free. This was unexpected to say the least. My wrists would be tied together once again when I entered the church. The Haunted Cornfield is pretty scary especially when you know that the actors can torture you. Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus is a balls to the wall haunt. Where else can you go to where you’re forced to lay down as a clown hits the ground with a large mallet feet away from your head. The actors are bat shit crazy.

Last, but not least is the Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride. Hop aboard a wagon and arm yourself with a paintball gun. Monsters and the living dead are waiting for you. Music like Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train plays as you shoot creatures of the night. This is a fun attraction and a great way to wind down the night. Now, there are certain things that need to be worked on. Whenever we encountered a cornfield, there seemed to be too much dead space where little was happening. More detail and improved lighting in The Homestead and Haunted Cornfield would help make scenes more realistic as well. We’re unsure what the experience would have been like if we didn’t purchase a Glow Necklace.

It took us around 20 minutes to escape The Homestead, 20 minutes to escape the Haunted Cornfield and 12 minutes for the Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride. But the total tour time for The Homestead and Haunted Cornfield depends on if you purchased a Glow Necklace where actors can be up close and personal and spend more time with you.  

Tickets are $15 a piece for The Homestead and Haunted Cornfield. The Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride is $20 per person. Extra paintballs are $5 for 100. A Fast Pass is $25 per attraction. The Glow Necklace for Full Contact is $5 for The Homestead and Haunted Cornfield. A combo ticket is $45. The Hunt is a special paintball event that takes place on October 30th and tickets are $35 a piece online. People from all over attend Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus just for The Hunt. It sounds like a very intense and one of a kind experience. There are various concessions available like tasty treats and refreshments.

Hammer Brother’s Haunted Circus is a very unique experience when you purchase a Glow Necklace. It’s one of the most interactive haunts we’ve been to and quite fun.

Ratings For Each Haunt:

The Homestead: Length-9  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-7  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 7.8

Haunted Cornfield: Length-9  Design-7  Props/Animatronics-7  Acting-7  Scare Effect-9
Final Stab: 7.8

Please Note: Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride has not been scored.