Kings Island Halloween Haunt Media Preview ’07

Kings Island Halloween Haunt 2007 Media Preview
By Noah (AKA Jolly Pumpkin)

It was Friday, September 28th and the night was young and we were ready for Kings Island Halloween Haunt. Tonight was their big media preview and I couldn’t wait to see what Kings Island had to offer in the way of scares. We showed up at the park around 5:50 and waited in the car a few minutes before walking out. Surprisingly it was pretty crowded outside of the gate considering it was the opening night. We waited and waited for the gates to open so we could enter into the media area to get our VIP passes and to eat delicious food in the media area.

Time passed and still the gates weren’t open. We eventually walked over and waited in the media line so we could get in promptly. In font of us was a media table where we checked in. Our names were on the list and once again we had to wait for the large doors to open. It was 7:00 and the doors eventually opened 30 minutes late. All of Halloween Haunt’s actors were outside behind the gates shouting, stomping and waiting for our arrival.

This year the VIP media area took place in the International Restaurant. It was decorated similarly to a morgue with cob webs, fancy chandeliers, lit candles at every table and the servers were dressed like zombies who just rose from their graves

This year everyone was a VIP at Kings Island. Hundreds of people were packed in the International Restaurant and I honestly didn’t feel like a VIP. 90% of the people there weren’t involved in the haunt industry in any fashion and just wanted to join in on the band wagon. This year’s selection of food was downright amazing. In previous years cookies, shrimp and wings were served, but this year Kings Island went all out. Cookies, cheese cake, other deserts, sushi, pulled pork, different cheeses and anything and everything you could imagine decorated the large buffet. The line was large and the food was great. We stayed in the media area for a little over and hour and decided to get out VIP passes so we could skip the lines at every haunt. We had 13 different attractions to visit and nearly 5 hours to complete our tour of Kings Island Halloween Haunt.

We slowly exited the building where the walls were lit up with creepy writing and actors waiting. We walked some more and we’re ready for this years batch of haunts. Before us was the Halloween Haunt hearse and we were off to tour Kings Island.
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